Evanston Educator Alison Hawley Featured in Kivo Daily: A Beacon of Innovation and Equity in Education

February 27 23:21 2024
Alison Hawley, an Evanston educator, was spotlighted in Kivo Daily, sharing her journey and innovative approach to education. Focusing on student empowerment and equity, she discussed project-based learning and her work with the ETHS Foundation and Evanston Scholars. Hawley emphasized the importance of supporting first-generation college students and work-life harmony, inspiring educators and students alike.

In an inspiring showcase of dedication and innovation in the educational sector, Kivo Daily recently featured Alison Hawley, the esteemed Assistant Superintendent of Instruction from Evanston, Illinois, in their latest interview titled “Empowering Futures: A Conversation with Educator and Advocate Alison Hawley.” Hawley, renowned for her progressive approach to education and her commitment to fostering equity, shared insights into her journey, her methods, and her vision for the future of learning.

Throughout the interview, Hawley delves into her educational philosophy, which centers around empowering students to become engaged, independent thinkers, and proactive citizens. She highlights the implementation of project-based learning as a key strategy in promoting student agency and creativity, allowing learners to tackle real-world challenges and devise meaningful solutions.

Hawley’s work extends beyond the classroom, actively contributing to the ETHS Foundation and Evanston Scholars, where she is instrumental in driving initiatives aimed at bridging the educational gap for Evanston High School students. One standout program she discusses is a mentorship initiative designed to support first-generation college students, providing them with the guidance and resources necessary to navigate the complexities of higher education.

Balancing a demanding career with a rich personal life, Hawley also touches on the importance of work-life harmony, emphasizing the value of spending time with loved ones and engaging in personal interests as a means of rejuvenation and maintaining a grounded perspective.

Alison Hawley’s interview with Kivo Daily not only highlights her remarkable contributions to the field of education but also serves as a source of inspiration for educators, students, and community members alike, underscoring the transformative power of dedicated teaching and the importance of equity in educational opportunities.

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