Carbon Neutrality and Emission Reduction Are The Key Technologies – An Interview with Sealand Tech CEO

December 05 05:30 2023

Yu Sun is the CEO and Co-Founder of Sealand Technology Co., China, a producer of cleaning devices with integration of carbon neutrality and emission reduction properties. The company’s key products, cleaning machines, lawnmowers, and vacuum cleaners, are purpose-built commercial cleaning devices which utilize light-weight, portability, delicate appearance, material-saving, multi-functionality, and low power consumption designs to achieve the quality of Emission Reduction and Carbon Neutrality, in terms innovative key technologies of product design strategies, new electrical engineering solutions, and novel environmental engineering approaches. Compared to the mainstream cleaning products worldwide, Sealand’s cleaning products gain a 55% reduction of the weight, a 40% more saving of production materials, a 45% lower of power consumption, and a 50% reduction of emission, all leading to a significant enhancement to claim a solid quality of Carbon Neutrality, while keeping the sale price even lower. It brings the cleaning products to a new era that is closer to the common electrical products like iPhone. Yu Sun graduated with a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Electrical Engineering from the University of California, US. After graduate, Yu Sun would go on to found Sealand Tech in 2017 with 2 classmates and friends from his university days.Together with the team, Yu Sun has built Sealand Tech into one of China’s fastest growing cleaning device companies, with an accumulating sales volume of 8milion USD, an angel round investment earned with 500k USD, as well as over 50 patents protected.


Eco-friendly cleaning machine version 2.0, designed and assembled by Sealand Technology Co.

Sen Lin: You know Carbon Neutrality and Emission Reduction have a common sense that they are non-profitable and charitable, that are often supported by government’s funds. However your team has fast-growing income and profit via integration of Carbon Neutrality and Emission Reduction into your key products, that rarely happens in industrial market. What has been done and what happened to achieve this “magical” success?

Yu Sun: Your pre-assumption is right. Carbon Neutrality and Emission Reduction belong to environmental protection, that is usually promoted by government, or charitable organization. The reason is also obvious, since they benefited environment meanwhile sacrificed the industrial market. But we enlarge our profits by incorporating Carbon Neutrality and Emission Reduction. We achieved this almost impossible goal simply by our innovations of technology. Without innovations, incorporation of Carbon Neutrality and Emission Reduction will definitely harm our profits instead. At Sealand Tech we have talents and experts on product design, electrical engineering, and mechanical engineering. Through a more advanced product design, we successfully saved 40% of product materials, and reduced the product weights of 55%, in terms of a more compact of functionalities and lighter weighted materials, leading to the product with higher portability while turns the traditional cold industrial products into fancy products just as iPhone. Meanwhile, through advanced mechanical engineering implementation, our product upgraded the water purification system with 80% less of water consumption, a more advanced PID mechanical control system that is self-adjustable and mutual-controllable, as well as inventing a new generation of cleaning brush and waste absorption engines that have higher efficiency of nonlinear functionality, accumulated to a 45% lower of power consumption and a 50% reduction of emission. Above innovations lead to a strong achievements of Emission Reduction and Carbon Neutrality, meanwhile leading to a cost reduction 30%, which is the key reason of our growing profits. On the other hand, Emission Reduction and Carbon Neutrality make our products more attractive in appearance, portability, and fantastic functionalities, leading to more customers attracted wold-wide. These innovative solutions are delivered to our key cleaning products of cleaning machines, lawnmowers, and vacuum cleaners, that have been sold nation-wide, as well as global customers from South Korea, Japan, and Singapore, where the environmental saving, eco-friendly and fashionable product design are hot spots for long time. Our next plan is to expand our business to North America and Europe, among which the U.S. is the world’s largest market as well as the advocate/leader of Carbon Neutrality. We will contribute in U.S. not only with more job opportunities, but also with planned 100+ U.S. local patents.

Sen Lin: That’s amazing innovations. However, in starting period of time, huge amount of R&D funding has to be invested to achieve your current profits, especially for Carbon Neutrality that significantly delayed your plan of balanced budget. As a profit-oriented company, this is really risky. What motivated you to promote Eco-Friendly and Carbon Neutrality oriented cleaning products, regardless of the high risk?

Yu Sun: The fast booming of Sealand Tech started at year of 2020, when carbon neutrality became a global focus, and over 100 countries signed a goal of carbon neutrality at United Nations, including US, EU, and China. Inspired by this trend, we started to integrate carbon-neutrality and ceo-friendly functionalities into our 2nd version of cleaning devices, including designs of emission reduction, degradable materials, and lower power consumption, leading to the value of the products significantly enriched. Our confidence rely on the above worldwide trend of Carbon Neutrality, along with our strong and innovative technology team, then we thought it was extremely low risk to achieve our goal. The R&D cost on both finance and time are low for us, with a high-quality integration of Carbon Neutrality within 3 months. Previously we aimed to sell our cleaning devices with enriched functionalities and user experiences, that are common goals for most of the starting-up companies to full-fill the dreams of creating profits and expand the market share. But in recent years we want more. The explicit achievement of environmental protection and carbon neutrality into the cleaning devices, has upgraded the values of our products to serve the society and ecology, while with our profits keep growing. Our motivation is naturally inspired and we enjoy to see our company keeping expansion with both services and profits realized. The cost of product is also reduced by 30% by utilization of design idea of carbon-neutrality. Today, U.S. is the leader of the carbon-neutrality strategy, and it’s trying hard to create more jobs and keep the manufacturing industry back to U.S. We are pleased to be a strong partner to contribute to the above 2 plans of U.S., meanwhile these 2 plans are best fit to the interests of our company.

Lin Sen: You know the past 3 years are extremely tough due to the pandemic of Covid19. Large amount of high technological companies depressed or even closed. But your financial statement was even better in past 3 years. As far as I know, lots of giant companies died, regardless of their unbeatable innovations and healthy financial conditions in pre-pandemic. What’s the key things done that makes you survived or even live better during pandemic era? What’s the accumulative achievement you have reached so far?

Yu Sun: Pandemic affects everybody of us, but in turn it is an opportunity to our company. In the most difficult time of pandemic, we tried hard to serve the society and to enable more comfort of peopledaily life. Firstly, we added a sterilization block to our cleaning products, that helps to kill the virus during the cleaning task. Secondly, we invented a touch-less operation of our cleaning product, that reduce the risky of infection by using our products. Thirdly, our Carbon Neutrality design served the society with a better life during the tough time. The market rewarded us with a growing profit during pandemic time. By the talents and hard working of our team, we have accumulated the selling volume omillion USD. We are Chinas top 5 vendors of high-tech cleaning products. Moreover, we already gained a sales volume of 2.5 million USD in the fist half of 2023, indicating the fast growing of our market place. Our employee number reached 80+ in Oct/2023. Moreover, we have built close commercial relations with our customers covering airports, metro stations, parks, hospitals, schools, home service companies, and more other fields. We already got an Angel round of investment. Currently, we are actively seeking a round A of investment, meanwhile building a close market tie with potential customers globally. Our big customers include a leading robot company in Seoul, South Korea, a cleaning service provider corp in Singapore, more than 20 metro stations in Tokyo, Japan, as well as an airport in Malaysia. We plan to provide our high tech products to customers in U.S. to contribute to significantly improve their user experiences.

Lin Sen: I noticed that you were graduated from University of California, and you are trying to sell your products world-wide. What’s your long-term ambition on expanding your business globally, especially to the U.S., the world’s largest market?

Yu Sun: We already prepared to land our business to U.S., starting from the west coast, where I and my partners studied and obtained our PhD in University of California. I had accumulated strong business relations in California, with numerous local venture capitalists and business leaders. California is the global leading state in technology, where we plan to hire around 50 graduates from local universities in U.S., thus create more job opportunities. Moreover, I plan to attend U.S. local exhibitions, forums, and market activities to expand our business. Of course I will invest around 1million USD as the starting funds to land our business to U.S. With our solid design concepts, and innovative realization of high tech ideas, as well as strong business/market experiences, within 3 years in future we expect to expand the sale volume to 20million USD in U.S. local market.

Eco-friendly cleaning machine version 3.0, designed and assembled by Sealand Technology Co.

(Written by Sen Lin, Chief Editor of Global Founders of China)

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