Shining a Light on Recovery: Best Holistic Life Magazine Announces Virginia Oman As Trauma Coach of the Year

September 30 04:52 2023
Virginia Oman shines as Best Holistic Life Magazine’s October cover star.

Best Holistic Life Magazine is proud to announce its October 2023 cover star, Virginia Oman, a renowned trauma coach. Virginia is also the magazine’s esteemed honoree for Best Trauma Coach of the Year 2023.

Best Holistic Life Magazine acknowledges and celebrates the life and triumphs of Virginia. Her outstanding resilience and dedication have made her a beacon of hope for countless people worldwide. Through this recognition and the “Trauma Coach of the Year” title bestowed on her, the therapist, life coach, and counselor shares her journey with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and how it has pushed her to find creative ways to live the life she desires.

With holistic living and wellness being the overarching mission of Best Holistic Life Magazine, Virginia Oman fits perfectly as the October 2023 cover girl. Virginia shares her triumphs, trauma coaching journey, and the ongoing ‘fight to ride a bike’ challenge in the upcoming issue.

Virginia was diagnosed with MS at a young age and began a lifelong physical and emotional journey. At the time of her diagnosis, Virgina was a bodybuilder, avid cyclist, and long-distance runner, and for the first 14 years, she strived to keep up her athletic interests. She shares that it caused her great heartbreak to start slowly giving up her interests. As the disease progressed, her brain and muscle signals became increasingly disconnected, which prompted the use of a cane and, eventually, a walker. In 2000, when her MS diagnosis went into the secondary progressive stage, Virginia decided enough was enough and resolved to dictate the terms of her life.

Rather than be at the mercy of the MS diagnosis, she decided to rise against her adversity and continued pursuing her dreams undeterred. Virginia tapped into her experiences and turned them into inspiration and guides for people in similar or different situations. As a certified trauma coach, Virginia has dedicated herself to helping people heal from their trauma while pursuing her personal interests.

It started with swimming, and even though she had difficulties moving and a fear of fatigue or overexertion, Virginia developed her own kind of dolphin kick that relies more on core strength. Two years later, she could swim up to a mile at a time. Her incredible resilience journey has earned her recognition as a fitness ambassador for the Multiple Sclerosis Association of America. In addition, she’s shared this journey in a video called “Why I Swim,” a source of inspiration for people living with MS to help them stay active and fit despite their condition’s limitations. 

Virginia is also a certified physical trainer who combines a unique blend of time-tested holistic techniques and therapies to help the clients she works with in the Asheville branch of the YMCA of Western North Carolina. She also focuses on mental health, keen on debunking myths and creating a conversation of healing and hope.

As Virgina Oman graces the cover of Best Holistic Life Magazine, she hopes to transform the lives of clients, friends, and family through her emphatic and empathetic guidance. She is currently embarking on a challenge, “Fight to ride a bike,” which is part of her push for people to overcome their traumas and embrace the fullness of life. 

Visit Virginia Oman to learn more about her work as a trauma coach and the ongoing challenge of riding a bike challenge.

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