What is Brake Fade and How to Troubleshoot it

March 10 11:41 2023

Brake fade means lose the brake function. Saying as the normal words, it’s brake failure. While the brake failure includes part failure and entire failure. Part failure means lose the brake efficiency to a certain extent. In another word, it means a long brake distance, or we can’t stop the car in a short distance. While the entire failure means there is no brake function at all.

Brake fade is a serious problem for vehicles. In China, there are over 300 thousand traffic accidents every year. While the brake failure is over 1/3, which is over 0.1 million. As for the worldwide, over 1.3 million people died of traffic accidents. Besides, there are over 50 million people hurt from such accidents. What a scared number.

Brake failure phenomenon

When press the brake pedal, the car doesn’t slow down at all. Although you try to brake for many times.

Brake failure reasons

1.The connection between brake pedal and the main brake cylinder is loose or fail.

2.There is less or no fluid in the brake warehouse.

3.Brake hose crack, then cause brake oil leakage.

4.The cup leather of brake cylinder break.

Then how to troubleshoot the brake failure?

First of all, you should pressure the pedal. Then, check relevant parts according to the feeling when press the pedal. If there was no sense of connection between pedal and brake cylinder, it means the connection fail. Then you need to check the connection and repair it.

When press the pedal, if you feel it’ light, then check if the brake fluid is enough. Then, charge the fluid if there is less left. After that, press the pedal again. If it’s steel light, you need to check the brake hose to see if there was leakage.

Sometimes you can feel a certain resistance, but the pedal can’t remain in a steady position. There will be a obvious sink instead. On such occasion, you should check if there was any leakage on the anti-dust cover. If is, it means the cup leather breaks.

These are the general methods to analyze the brake failure. If you want to learn more, just follow OrientFlex. We are a powerful manufacturer for hose and relevant fittings. Contact us and get the best solutions.

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