Kentro offers the ultimate solution for e-commerce businesses, a modern multi-channel ERP

March 08 03:03 2023
Kentro’s all-in-one ERP system enables e-commerce businesses to optimize, automate and scale their commerce operations across all sales channels.

Today, establishing an e-commerce business is easier than ever. With so many accessible tools and SaaS platforms, people can quickly get their online businesses off the ground. However, the fast-paced business world demands advanced and efficient systems that can manage all the complexities of e-commerce, from sales to accounting and fulfillment. Most business people don’t know where to turn when their business outgrows the beginner tools they have been using. With this major pain point for most e-commerce businesses in mind, Kentro is providing a modern all-in-one ERP for e-commerce.

Kentro’s ERP is a powerful cloud-based solution that is revolutionizing commerce. Kentro’s cutting-edge multi-channel ERP allows businesses to scale their operations and meet customer demand. The comprehensive software suite enables businesses to manage order lifecycles in new channels and eliminate blind spots in supply chain visibility. Kentro makes order management, inventory tracking, multi-channel listing, order fulfillment, and accounting automation easy and accessible. The all-in-one ERP dashboard provides real-time inventory updates, processes orders from multiple sales channels, offers a comprehensive view of customer data to help improve marketing and customer service, and manages all financial transactions from invoicing to refunds.

The cloud-based modern ERP system also helps e-commerce, retailers, and wholesalers with supply chain management, WMS, B2B/B2C online stores, reporting, and more. To enable data-driven decision-making, the ERP provides reporting and analytics to track customer behavior, sales trends, and overall operations. By providing a seamless and integrated platform, Kentro streamlines every aspect of e-commerce operations, resulting in operational success.

With more than 15 years of experience in IT and e-commerce, Kentro understands the challenges most e-commerce businesses face in their operations and processes. Therefore, Kentro is committed to providing tools that streamline automation and boost business growth across all sales channels. The platform leverages the inherent scalability and power of software-as-a-service to revolutionize the e-commerce space. “We have developed an operational-centric solution that is easy to implement without disrupting existing sales activities.”

As the era of manual processes continues to fade due to their unsustainable models for modern businesses, the case for automation grows stronger. Kentro’s omnichannel flow eliminates all the manual work, which translates to more efficiency, better scalability, and more sales. With optimized operations, businesses can channel the time and effort spared toward growing the business. E-commerce is now a part of everyday life, which is why businesses need comprehensive commerce systems that support their growth and service delivery. Kentro is the backbone of commerce businesses, ensuring their ultimate survival in an increasingly demanding space.

Continuing its commitment to delivering the best e-commerce solutions, Kentro invites e-commerce, retailers, and wholesalers to take advantage of its innovative and advanced multi-channel ERP to optimize its operations. E-commerce businesses that have used Kentro have lauded the platform for being highly effective and easy to use.

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