Ongphra Wallpaper provides mobile wallpapers for those who have faith in astrology and the mysticism of this universe.

March 06 22:12 2023
Ongphra Wallpaper is a company created for people wishing to strike a fortune and provides a wide range of products for different target audiences.

Creativity and spirituality come together as Ongphra Wallpaper provides carefully designed wallpapers for those who want to cloak themselves in good energy to bring forth a more auspicious future.

Unique and Meticulously Designed Art

Mysticism has existed and continues to exist in many different world cultures. Horoscopes and Zodiacs remain popular today amongst those who believe in destiny. Speaking to one of the company representatives, “There are many people in this world who read a passage in a horoscope and see themselves reflected in words. I believe the strings of fate hold a certain amount of control over our lives; however, we can influence them by attracting positive energy. Like attracts like; if you surround yourself with good things, better will come your way. It is this firm conviction in destiny that makes us create art for those who wish to enhance their fortunes.”

Ongphra Wallpaper provides wallpapers that are carefully curated according to individual horoscopes. The designs are created with each pattern, stroke, and color catering to its horoscope. The design aims to be authentic and auspicious yet add to the aesthetic of the client’s phone.

Wallpapers Cater To Different Requirements 

Every individual is different, and their desires all differ as well. Ongphra Wallpaper recognizes that and has created wallpapers that focus on different aspects of life that one may need help with. Someone down on their luck in wealth can choose their wallpaper specifically created to supplement wealth and fortune. They provide different kinds of artistic and vivid wallpapers for several other avenues of life, including good luck in love, work, studying, and debt relief.

Ongphra Wallpaper also provides art for different cultures, wallpapers for Chinese New Year, Buddhist and Hindu symbols and gods, Ganesha wallpaper, and even talismans for the evil eye, a belief that spans multiple cultures. A representative states, “Every culture has its own beliefs, and they deal with different problems using unique solutions. We aim to provide these people with the solution they need in an inventive yet culturally appropriate way.”

The site also provides wallpapers for specific talismans, such as the Thai talisman, Thao Wessuwan, known as the god of wealth.

News and Updates

The company runs a blog that posts articles for those wanting to learn more about their horoscopes and zodiacs. They also provide articles that provide knowledgeable information, like what the proper placement of prayer mats should be and what amulets one can buy to boost trade.

Employment Opportunities for Artists

For those who wish to create art for the company, Ongphra Wallpaper allows artists to become creators. Artists who believe they are passionate about creating auspicious art can apply to join the website and fill out their required details. They will then need to email their identity documents that the company specifies. Once those are verified, the artist can sell their desired art and get the opportunity to create a name for themselves.


No matter how much the world progresses, belief in fate and destiny will always remain. Those who wish to amplify their luck can do so by surrounding themselves with a positive aura. 

Ongphra Wallpaper provides them with the good energy they need by offering precise and authentic wallpapers. The company emphasizes effectiveness and aesthetics alongside a wide variety and is a great option for those down on their luck.

For further queries, please get in touch with the company via the information listed below.

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