Filmmaker Frank Kyazze – Reimagining the Narrative Around African American Exploration and Travel

March 02 01:42 2023

Frank Kyazze, a pioneering black documentary filmmaker, is inspiring African Americans to travel the world and challenging existing stereotypes of black travelers. Through his work, Frank has become a leader in promoting greater representation of African Americans  in the travel industry. It not only encourages black travelers to visit new places, but also provides a new avenue for them to share their unique perspectives on culture through film and cinematic storytelling.

Traveling to remote parts of the world can be a life-changing experience, and director Frank Kyazze wants to share that experience with viewers. His new documentary series, aptly titled “Why are We Here”, is an exploration of how travel opens up new opportunities for personal growth and cultural exchange.

“As the director and narrator of this documentary show, I am thrilled to share with you the experience of traveling to remote parts of the world for self-growth. Through this series, I hope to inspire viewers to embrace travel as a transformative tool for personal development and cultural exchange,” he says.

The series follows Frank as he embarks on his own journey around the world. He visits cities and countries on every continent, each providing its own unique experiences in culture, cuisine, architecture, and people. Each episode will feature interviews with locals who provide insight into their way of life—offering an inside look at different ways of living. The series aims to give viewers a deeper understanding of life beyond their familiar surroundings—and show just how much people have in common despite geographic differences.

This groundbreaking filmmaker is making waves within the global community by inspiring others to travel far and wide with courage and confidence to promote diversity, challenge stereotypes, and promote cultural understanding between communities far around the globe. By creating powerful stories that connect us all together as human beings, Frank hopes to make an impact on our collective understanding of travel – ultimately disrupting biases that have kept so many people from exploring beyond their own backyards.

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