Experience Chemistry in A New Light with Professor Hebah Abdel-Wahab’s New Book

March 01 03:37 2023
Experience Chemistry in A New Light with Professor Hebah Abdel-Wahab's New Book

With advancements in the world, an experienced Doctor of Science and Professor of Chemistry has decided to release a book that comprises multiple chemical pieces in natural medicine, industrial chemistry, and physical chemistry, which have never been discussed before in any other chemistry textbook. This book is an advancement in the field of chemistry and has topics ranging from natural medicine to physical chemistry and industrial chemistry. Not only does this book have discussions, but it also helps people understand what tweaks can be made to make everyday living better using the topics that are discussed.

You should also know that chemistry exists in everything we use daily, and to help improve these everyday products, the book discusses the chemical compounds and the amounts that industries use. It then goes on to explain the methods that can be taken into consideration to help create things such as mouthwashes, acrylic paints, car wash shampoos, matt and gloss paints, and bubble-forming tablets, and steps you can take to increase the quality of these products.

Taking the human body into consideration, the book mentions joint diseases and how hypoventilation, lack of oxygen, excess carbon dioxide build-up, and blood chemical PH imbalances cause these conditions to occur. It further goes on to explain the natural treatments can be applied to help the patient ease their pain and difficulty and the treatments that are prescribed for this condition. It also discusses the mechanism of alternating blood PH values, the methods of identifying blood chemical PH imbalance, and the methods of measuring PCO2, PO2, and blood PH.

The rest of the book discusses complex chemistry in proper language and explanation, energy and thermodynamics, thermodynamic parameters: enthalpy, entropy, Gibbs free energy, heat capacity values, products of oxidation for some pollutants, optimized structures for some chemical compounds, and a list of literature values for thermodynamic parameters.

It is not only recommended for the common person but also for those who wish to find a source for their personal research and understanding.

Topics Included:

1. Chemical Formulations for Mouthwashes

2. Chemical Formulations for Acrylic Matt and Acrylic Gloss Paints

3. Increase Product Quality for a Car-wash Shampoo Concentrate

4. Modification to An Acrylic Paint Formulation

5. Modification to a Chemical Formulation for Optimal Performance

6. Thermodynamic Study and Oxidation Products for the Reaction of Methyl Ethyl Sulfide with Oxygen at Standard Conditions

7. Enthalpy, Entropy, and Heat Capacity of some Fluorinated Ethanol’s and its Radicals at Different Temperatures

8. Thermochemistry and Reaction Kinetics of the Stabilized and the Chemically Activated Secondary Ethyl Radical of Methyl Ethyl Sulfide with Oxygen

9. Enthalpy and Bond dissociation Energy Values for Multi-Fluorinated Ethanol and its Radicals using Gaussian Method at Standard Conditions

10. The Effect of Lack of Oxygen and Excess Carbon Dioxide Buildup on Joint Diseases and The Natural Treatments for Some Joint Diseases.

For book talking points, and to purchase the book visit, https://www.amazon.com/-/e/B0BW9QGXLJ

About The Author

Dr. Hebah Abdel-Wahab is currently an Adjunct Professor of Chemistry, a Chemical Consultant, and an Independent Researcher. She earned a Ph.D. degree in Chemistry from Rutgers University in 2018 and was awarded a Doctor of Science degree in Physical Chemistry from the British National University of Queen Mary, London, United Kingdom, in 2022. She also earned a Doctor of Science Degree in Chemical Sciences from Prowess University, Wilmington, Delaware, in 2023, and a Doctor of Science Degree in Chemistry as well as a Chartered fellow FBU from Ballsbridge University 2023.

Her experience in chemistry and teaching makes her one of the most reliant sources of chemistry. She has also released 38 different chemistry coursebooks to enlighten children and teachers worldwide.

To learn more about the Author visit, https://chemical-consultant-pharmaceutical-industrial.ueniweb.com

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