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February 08 17:09 2023
The My Dealer Supplies website offers an efficient conduit to the auto service industry with ready stocks of car key tags, service hanging tags, car dealer stickers, car dealership flags, and more. My Dealer Supplies practices real-time ordering that permits next-day shipping on most products.


For those who have ever taken a car for a service or bought one off a lot, there is one thing they likely have in common—a key tag on the key ring with the car’s information or the owner’s information.  Those who purchase auto dealer supplies use a supply chain source like

My Dealer Supplies is a platform that facilitates orders in real-time, allowing for next-day shipping of nearly all listed products. Some products even ship on the same day. My Dealer Supplies is a premium distributor of genuine Versa-Tags. Their car key tags are unique as pencils, pens, or markers that can be used without damaging the paper quality before the tag sheets are folded over and protected with their protective covering.

My Dealer Supplies was created to fulfill the market demand for all aspects of the auto industry supply chain with high-quality Versa-Tags products made in the USA. Its online platform directs all orders to the Versa-Tags manufacturing facility in Cuba, MO, in real-time. 

My Dealer Supplies also operates a facility in the United States, allowing orders to be filled quickly, thus ensuring faster shipping. Some businesses in the auto industry prefer to order in bulk, especially those owning multiple dealerships or service areas. My Dealer Supplies offer bulk ordering on several products for those requiring more significant quantities. 

Dealing with multiple customers and vehicles can get messy, so auto dealers need to be organized. These dealers stay on top of the chaos by using service hang tags. These tags are hung on a rearview mirror and are available in kits with matching key tags and claim checks. My Dealer Supplies offers for sale, red tag sale, sold, and hold hang tags. They even provide service tag stickers to those working on R.V.s, semi-trucks, and other vehicles that do not have a rearview mirror to hang a tag.

The use of a key tag or car dealer sticker serves a purpose in the business. A car dealer sticker can remind a worker of the Dos and Don’ts, such as not letting pets in the vehicle or changing the price. 

Another popular item in the auto industry is using car dealership flags. These flags are popular due to their ability to grab a potential customer’s attention and bring them in. My Dealer Supplies offers a variety of options for sales, pre-owned, financing, and more. 

Products from My Dealer Supplies are used pervasively in the auto industry and a great thing about the company is its ability to customize products. Even with the variety offered, some auto dealerships or those in the auto service industry want a more customized product. They want something with their logo or different wording. 

The support team at My Dealer Supplies is available to chat with those who want more information. Whether it’s from those who have general questions, specific requests, or those who want to take the opportunity to buy in bulk, they are happy to help with a customer’s needs. With all orders being final at checkout, asking before ordering is the best way to ensure the order is up to a customer’s specifications. 

About the Organization: 

My Dealer Supplies – Auto Dealer Supply Chain Source started with the foundation to be an efficient conduit to provide the auto sales and service industry with a way to purchase high-quality Versa-Tags products. As a trusted distributor of Versa-Tags products, this online platform’s construction ensures that all orders are forwarded to their manufacturing facility in Cuba, MO, allowing for next-day shipping on most of their listed products. The support email is open to customers who have general questions, bulk ordering questions, or would like a customized product.

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