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January 19 15:12 2023

The Ministry of Home Affairs has announced that it will now be possible to apply for an India visa online. The new system, which is being piloted by the company ‘indiavisa-online’, will make it easier and faster for people to apply for a visa to visit India.The online application process will be simple and straightforward, and will allow applicants to track the status of their application. Applicants will also be able to pay the visa fee online.The pilot program is open to citizens of the United States, Canada, Japan, and the United Kingdom. If successful, it is expected that the program will be rolled out to other countries in the future.

Indian Visa for SOUTH AFRICAN Citizens

The High Commission of India in Pretoria has introduced a new online visa application system for South African citizens. The new system is designed to make the visa application process more convenient and efficient.Applicants can now submit their visa applications and supporting documents online, and pay the visa fee using a credit or debit card. Once the application is processed, they will receive an email notification with instructions on how to collect their passport.The High Commission of India hopes that this new system will make it easier for South Africans to travel to India for business, tourism, and other purposes.

Indian Visa for SWISS Citizens

The Government of India has introduced a new e-Visa facility for Swiss citizens. This will enable them to apply for an Indian visa online, without having to visit the Indian Embassy or Consulate.The e-Visa facility is available for business, tourist and medical purposes, and is valid for a stay of up to 60 days. It can be applied for up to four months in advance of the date of travel. Swiss citizens can apply for the e-Visa through the website of the Ministry of Home Affairs.

Indian Visa for BULGARIAN Citizens

The Indian government has announced that it will now offer visas to Bulgarian citizens. This is a significant change in policy, and it is expected to boost tourism and business between the two countries.The visa application process will be conducted entirely online, making it quick and easy for applicants. Those who are interested in applying for a visa should visit the website of the Indian embassy in Bulgaria.This new policy is expected to bring more people to India, who will contribute to the country’s economy and help strengthen ties between India and Bulgaria.

Indian Visa Eligibility

The indiavisa-online website is pleased to announce that it is now offering Indian visa eligibility assessments for those looking to travel to India.The site provides a simple online form that asks a series of questions about the applicant’s personal circumstances. Based on the answers provided, the site will generate a report outlining whether or not the applicant is eligible for an Indian visa.This new service is designed to save applicants time and hassle by providing clear and concise information about their visa eligibility status. For more information, please visit the indiavisa-online website today.


The Indian government has announced a new e-Visa scheme for business travelers from select countries. The scheme will be open to nationals of Australia, Canada, Japan, Singapore, and the United States.This is a welcome development for business travelers who frequently visit India for meetings and conferences. The e-Visa will make it easier and faster to obtain a visa, and will also allow travelers to avoid the hassle of applying for a traditional visa at an Indian consulate or embassy.The e-Visa scheme is part of the government’s efforts to boost tourism and improve the ease of doing business in India. We hope that this scheme will encourage more business visitors to come to India and experience all that our country has to offer.

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