Creed Media Is Providing Digital Marketing That Caters To The Trends And Language Of Gen Z

January 17 20:43 2023
Swedish digital marketing firm, Creed Media, takes a unique and no-nonsense approach to digital media. Their cutting-edge techniques are aimed at the younger generation, an untapped market that many struggle to gain the attention of.

Gen Z is an incredibly challenging audience to get the attention of. Many marketing agencies and in-house marketing teams have tried and failed to put together digital media that gains the attention of a large group of this young crowd. Finding a digital marketing firm that can speak Gen Z’s language would open a massive new market to many brands. 

Creed Media specializes in catering to Gen Z. The team members are experts at how to gain the attention of this diverse group and excel at introducing new brands to them. 

How Creed Media gets viral results with a media-driven generation

Creed Media is only three years old, yet they’ve already logged more than 36,000 hours of digital marketing projects. Timothy Collins, Hugo LePrince, and Eliot Robinson founded the Swedish company after extensive experience in building online communities. These young professionals saw the growing inability of traditional digital marketing firms to gain traction with Gen Z, and they knew this was something they could handle. 

Brands, aspiring influencers, musicians, and more were desperately trying to get the attention of this social media savvy generation but couldn’t obtain the lasting interest they needed. Creed Media was up for the challenge, now armed with a team of young marketing professionals with an understanding of exactly what makes Gen Z pay attention. 

So what is the secret behind Gen Z? The same repetitive tactics don’t work for them. They don’t want to see a brand that’s doing the same thing repeatedly that they’ve already seen from dozens of others. Gen Z doesn’t focus on one topic. Their interests and passions are constantly changing, and it takes a dedicated marketing team to know what those interests are at any given time. 

By delving into current trends, Creed Media knows exactly how to approach the marketing of a brand and the exact right time to release promotional material so that it hits the sweet spot that makes it go viral, gaining the attention of thousands. 

Not only does Creed Media spend a lot of time following Gen Z’s trends, but they have also developed a keen sense for what is coming next and have begun setting trends as well. 


Creed Media spends extensive amounts of time on research and behind-the-scenes work that builds the ideal foundation for a winning campaign. They aren’t going to release their marketing without making sure they’re going to put something out there that’s really going to work.

As a company, they’re constantly investing in keeping up with this constantly changing generation. By completing this research and background work, they can be sure the campaign will work and will gain the attention of a large piece of this challenging new marketing. 

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