First Fidelity Guarantee Expands Services to Include Tax Planning, Risk Mitigation, Business Advisory, Legal Services, and Wealth Management

January 16 15:22 2023

First Fidelity Guarantee, a certificate of deposit brokerage firm that is proficient in the business of placing deposits of third parties with FDIC insured depository institutions, is proud to announce the expansion of its business to include proactive planning and a holistic approach to better serve its clients.

The financial services firm which recently received an A+ rating and accreditation with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) announces Risk Mitigation and Business Advisory will be among its new services. Risk mitigation is the process of identifying, assessing, and prioritizing potential risks to a client and implementing strategies to minimize or prevent their impact.

FFG’s Risk Mitigation will include measures such as implementing safety protocols, purchasing insurance, creating contingency plans, regularly reviewing & updating policies and procedures for its clients. With its Risk Mitigation services, the firm will minimize the likelihood and impact of potential risks for its clients, allowing the clients to operate with a greater degree of security and predictability.

First Fidelity Guarantee’s Business Advisory services will help clients to improve their performance, operations, and profitability. This will include providing strategic planning, management consulting, financial analysis, market research & analysis, and support with mergers & acquisitions. First Fidelity Guarantee will work closely with clients to understand their specific needs, objectives, and then provide expert guidance to support them to achieve their goals.

The company also announces that Legal Services and Wealth Management will be part of its expanded services. Henceforth, the firm’s clients will get professional advice in various legal matters. This may include issues related to business, criminal law, employment, real estate, and personal injury, among others. Overall, First Fidelity Guarantee’s legal services will provide clients with expert guidance and aims to protect their rights and interests.

Additionally, the company’s Wealth Management services will oversee the planning and investment of clients’ financial assets to achieve their financial goals. This will include creating a financial plan, managing investments, and providing advice on tax & estate planning.

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