Make Life Easy SCS makes CES Show debut with KINGSMITH Fitness in 2023

January 12 22:00 2023
Make Life Easy Shop took part in the esteemed CES Show for the first time ever in 2023, at Las Vegas, in partnership with top fitness equipment brand KINGSMITH FITNESS.

Plano, TX – January 12, 2023 – Make Life Easy SCS a leading product marketing company was one of the participants in the prestigious CES Show this year, in partnership with renowned fitness equipment brand, KINGSMITH FITNESS. 

The CES 2023 was held at Las Vegas, from January 5-8, 2023.

Make Life Easy SCS specializes in marketing of a vast and versatile range of home and personal use appliances, furniture, as well as massage equipment, sold by top brands like KINGSMITH FITNESS. 

In an exclusive interview, Mike Dolder, the CEO and founder of the Make Life Easy SCS, shared that KINGSMITH Walking Pad was one of the most sought-after products at the CES Show this year.

“The KINGSMITH Team are the inventors of the Double Fold and Stow WALKING PAD which has over $100 million in sales worldwide. The product garnered over $15 Million in the USA alone with its launch last February. The WALKING PAD has just performed phenomenally. We were expecting a continuation of that performance at CES, but little did we know that KINGSMITH was bringing 5 new products, including The GYM BOX, THE WR1 COMPACT ROWER, THE G1 WALKING PAD, THE MX16 HEAVY DUTY WALKING PAD, and COMPUTERIZED DUMBBELLS. These new products, combined with the current success of the KINGSMITH WALKING PAD program, will greatly enlarge participation”. 

Dolder said, “There is No Club Membership…No Dedicated Exercise Room Required…Use It…Store It…Anywhere… Studio Apartments to Family Homes…Make Life Easy…that’s King Smith Fitness.  That has helped to broaden the user demographic for the product line from 20 to over 65 years old. From single family homes to studio apartments, The Walking Pad will make a convenient fit even in small spaces. Much to the comfort of users, the cutting-edge exercise equipment does not require a dedicated room and offers the flexibility of easy exercise anywhere, be it home or office.

“Ease of use and the versatility to store the units away makes way for more users…many more users.”

The new offerings, combined with the steady rise in the current walking pads, holds the potential to create even more participants as KINGSMITH will be adding new categories and new customers in near future.

“Our goal is to take away any and all barriers that can tend to hold people back from exercise. Space is not an issue. The products are affordable. We will feature walking, rowing and resistance training. We expect 2023 to be a very exciting year for KINGSMITH FITNESS. 

The show was a great success. We have lots of action items and follow ups and we will aggressively market and advertise while looking for placement online retail, TV retail, and specialty and department store retailers in the fourth quarter”, shared Dolder.

About Make Life Easy 

A leading name in the product marketing world, Make Life Easy Shop was cofounded by Tim Hu, Mike Dolder and Lauren Brill back in the 1980s. The company covers a wide range of categories, including Full Feature Massage Chairs, Kamado Grills, Utility Heaters, Fitness Walking Pads, Rowers and Gyms along with Boot Dryers, Fan’s Coolers, Air Purifiers, Lift Chairs, Recliners, Motion Furniture, and Sectionals. Make Life Easy holds partnerships with some of the topmost and promising brands, such as LIFESMART, LIFEPRO, KINGSMITH FITNESS, and now AI Works. The company specializes in designing, manufacturing, marketing and distributing, and branding of home products to specialty retailers, cataloguers, online retailers, and mass merchants in North America.

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