Women Unapologetically Knocking Down Breaking Barriers and Shattering Glass Ceilings

January 05 19:54 2023
Eight women author a collaborative book that details their personal and professional success stories while providing readers with candid guidance on how to navigate their own success.

WASHINGTON, DC, United States of America – January 5, 2023 – Certified Success Coach Angel Riley released her second collaborative book as the visionary author, ‘Success Chronicles Vol. 2: #GoalCrusher’. Published by Jesus, Coffee, and Prayer Christian Publishing House LLC, eight corporate executives, entrepreneurs, and educators came together to candidly share their success journeys.

The co-authors include Dr. Nakita Davis, Dr. (HC) Renee Huffman, Dr. Marcia Hunter, L.R. Wilson, Sheraton Gatlin, Marla Hunter, and T.C. Tomman. Each author shares her success journey with stories about climbing the corporate ladder, becoming a full-time entrepreneur, implementing effective leadership strategies, achieving educational goals, overcoming the stereotypes of teenage pregnancy and divorce, as well as how to succeed when being the only African American in a personal or professional environment. As stated by visionary author Riley, this book was written to encourage and inspire the ambitious woman ready to make her mark in life but not really sure where to start.

It appears many readers agreed this book is a must read for the new year. Within twenty-four hours of its Amazon digital release on December 22, 2022, ‘Success Chronicles Vol. 2: #GoalCrusher’ made the bestseller list in nine different categories, including number one new release in Valuation and Conflict Resolution & Mediation. This is visionary author Angel Riley’s fourth #1 Amazon Bestseller published with Jesus, Coffee, and Prayer Publishing. It is proven the Success Chronicles collaborative book series is a great compilation of stories written by women who break the conventional mode of defining success. The stories are true, candid, inspirational, and educational. Success Chronicles Vol 2: #GoalCrusher is available on Amazon.

Angel Riley is a prolific success coach who believes that “You are the heartbeat of your destiny.” This belief has spurred her to provide many opportunities to working-class women, like herself who want to pursue their goal of launching a lucrative side hustle. Angel provides a masterclass designed to help women make money and not be “starving authors.” She also includes affiliate opportunities and extensive publicity packaging for social media promotion and print, digital, and media exposure. Angel continues to expand her digital course offerings and can be found on all social media channels as @CoachAngelRiley.

For more information, please contact Angel Riley at [email protected] or 301.744.7801.

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