“FREEMAN EXPLAINS!” Wins Pinnacle Book Achievement Award

January 04 17:12 2023
Dr. Michael J. Freeman’s inventions have touched nearly everyone living today in some way. He created voicemail and the first Toy Robot.

New York, NY, USA – January 4, 2023 – FREEMAN EXPLAINS! declared winner of the Pinnacle Book Achievement Award. For the past 40 years, the National Association of Book Entrepreneurs has reviewed some of the finest books published and awards the best books their top awards. All books judged by the Pinnacle Award are rated based on book content, quality, writing style, presentation and cover design.

Written by world renowned inventor and technological genius Dr. Michael J. Freeman is concerned about the state of the American mindset and makes powerful predictions if we do not change it quickly.

In this new award-winning book, FREEMAN EXPLAINS! Michael Freeman believes that we must separate kids from the damaging effects of explicit material on the internet. If that’s not enough, he says U.S. elections should be done online, making them convenient, allowing citizens to vote from anywhere in the world, and the results will be as secure as your bank account.

Dr. Freeman has been featured by many media outlets including Time Magazine, Business Week and Kiplinger’s Magazine. He’s been interviewed by the late Larry King and was a guest on the Phil Donahue Show talking about his numerous inventions. Larry King said, “Dr Michael Freeman is a National Genius” and Leonard Nimoy (Mr. Spock) said Dr. Freeman had “Uncanny Insight.”

You may find Freeman’s predictions and analyses offbeat, different from what you’d expect, but he has repeatedly been proven correct. His visions of the future have never missed the mark over Freeman’s five-decades-long career!

“I am a scientist, not an alarmist,” says Freeman. “My work is based on fact, wisdom, and disciplined calculation. I correlate behaviors with likely emerging results of such behaviors. I use scientific data when available. Success can be attributed to a select group of deliberate behaviors. Get them right, and success is more likely to shine on you. Get them wrong, and failure can almost always be guaranteed,” says Freeman.

“Dr. Freeman approaches each subject he ‘explains’ with candor and with his extraordinary depth in scientific investigation, exploration, and discoveries/patents. FREEMAN EXPLAINS! is an important new book that encourages awakening to possibilities and probabilities and is a must read for teens and adults!” – Grady Harp, M.D. Amazon Top 100 Hall of Fame Reviewer

Lewd and Lascivious Material

“Some videos and images dehumanize females to unimaginable levels. Some people may know this to be so but keep silent. Today, anything this side of murder passes for art,” says Freeman.

“One solution,” says Freeman, is regulation. “Similar to government regulations not allowing those under 21 to buy liquor, there needs to be rules/laws that place explicit material into a similar classification. This, of course, won’t solve the problem alone, but it is a step in the right direction,” says Freeman.

Drug Addiction

Freeman also covers America’s addiction to mind altering drugs and discusses the damaging effects that Cannabis has on youthful minds. “I think it’s stupid to allow a Schedule 1 drug to become available under our collective parental nose, especially with no solid proof of its adverse effects on young adult brains. As always, kids are much more vulnerable than adults. But what we see today is nothing compared with what’s to come. America’s new feel-good drug industry is still in its infancy,” says Freeman.

“Dr. Freeman opens the reader up to an honest discussion about how society is being led by popular culture gatekeepers who have shaped perceptions about people and the new stereotypes perpetrated in entertainment media.” – Chris Cordani, Host Book Talk

Time for Online Voting

Another hot topic covered by Freeman is moving elections in the USA to an online platform. “Sadly, tens of millions of Americans have little to no confidence in how American elections are run and most Americans think the election process is flawed and rigged against everyday people,” says Freeman. “For the sake of our democracy we must restore faith into the election process, and it starts with an iron-clad online voting system.” Dr. Freeman believes the online system would eliminate any doubt and be as secure as your bank account. Before a person considers themselves to be a Democrat, Republican, or Independent, they are an American first. The solution is a bi-partisan approach, which, based on current politics, is a breath of fresh air.

Freeman Explains! The Things That Can Change That Should Be Changed. Available in Kindle, Paperback and Hardcover, November 2022, Freeman Press, 203 pages at Amazon and https://michaelfreemanexplains.com.

About Michael J. Freeman, PhD.

Dr. Freeman received his bachelor’s degree in Economics and Management from the City College of New York, an MBA in Economics and technology from Bernard Baruch College and received his doctorate from the City University of New York in 1977. He has taught at Baruch College, Hofstra University, and Cornell University NY Extension Division and holds 42 commercialized patents. He is married with five children and three grandchildren.

Learn more about Dr. Freeman at: https://michaelfreemanexplains.com or on Wikipedia at: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_J._Freeman or Baruch Magazine: https://blogs.baruch.cuny.edu/bcam/2015/11/03/making-learning-fun or www.KingTranscript.com.

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