The Journey Workout Is Now Available to Z Physique Platinum and 12-Week Membership Trainees

January 02 20:30 2023
Z Physique is an American company offering premium fitness & wellness programs, supplements, and a broad catalog of educational material. The company’s owner Evan Zingman is regularly updating the content on the Z Physique website and has recently introduced the Journey Workout, now available via Platinum and 12-week Membership programs.

Z Physique is proudly introducing a brand-new fitness program to its rapidly-growing catalog. The Journey Workout enters the scene, bringing a comprehensive yet easy-to-follow workout routine to fitness fans, enthusiasts, and professionals subscribing to the company’s Premium and/or 12-week Membership programs.

The Journey Workout is a 4-week health and fitness program designed by Ro, Z Physique’s online fitness specialist. This program is built around simple, versatile exercises with variable difficulties, a special wellness-oriented diet, proper hydration, and optimal resting time.

What separates Ro’s Journey Workout from most fitness plans is the element of “mindfulness & gratitude”. As imparted by the workout’s creator, reflecting on the movements, forms, and techniques performed throughout this 4-week plan can not only help the individual acquire new healthy fitness habits but also reinforce them and deeply embed them into the muscle memory.

Z Physique’s Journey Workout is a journey of push, pull, roll & release, and hit exercises designed to work all major muscle groups, make the body more nimble, and help the individual become stronger and healthier.

Adequate hydration and a custom diet are important parts of the Journey Workout. The company’s founder and head personal trainer Evan Zingman has helped Ro design a nutritional plan that would provide the benefits of increased strength and fitness while helping the practitioner maintain the desired weight.

Ro, Z Physique’s online fitness specialist described the Journey Workout as a fitness plan that anyone can approach, regardless of skill level and aspirations, stating the following:

“We’re focusing on functional movements through this program, so we really are training to help make our daily activities easier, safer, and more efficient. Minimal equipment is required, all that’s needed is a few dumbbells, a resistance band (or towel), a yoga mat (or soft floor), and a foam roller.”

In addition to offering some of the most comprehensive fitness and wellness training programs available in the current market, Z Physique also provides free wellness tips and recommendations to its website’s visitors. From nutritional tips to specific workout routines, the company’s wellness blog features an abundance of learning resources for all fitness enthusiasts.

Evan Zingman has been an NSCA-certified personal trainer for over 13 years and is on a mission to ensure anyone wanting to become healthier and/or work on their fitness has access to quality educational content, stating the following:

“There are no gimmicks, magic pills, or shortcuts. Through proper education and the right tools, motivation, and accountability, being the happiest and healthiest you have ever been in your life is within your reach,” said Evan Zingman.

More information about Z Physique is available on the company’s official website.

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