Nelson Whiting Facilitates 95% Recovery Rate Using Clinical Hypnosis at No Limits Hypnotherapy

December 07 17:42 2022
Whiting Offers Less-Expensive and Longer-Lasting Transformation For Anxiety, Depression, Fears, Self-Esteem, Addiction, Smoking, and Weight Loss

Nelson Whiting, Founder and Operator of No Limits Certified Clinical Hypnotherapy in Mapleton, Utah feels that hypnotherapy is his calling. Some say he has a gift. But he says hypnotherapy is simply a well-structured, calculated, and methodical way of questioning the subconscious mind to facilitate change at the speed of thought.

Whiting has been practicing hypnosis for 18 years, and has never received less than a 5-star review since he opened his own practice 4 years ago. After 1500 sessions, Whiting has proven hypnotherapy in a controlled setting to be entirely safe, non-invasive, non-medical, and negative-side-effect free, placing each client back in control of their own mind.

His results, and research by Alfred Barrios, show hypnotherapy to be 296 times more effective than traditional talk therapies such as behavioral and other psychotherapies. Hypnotherapy is simply not a mystery anymore. Neuroscientists now know what is going on in the limbic system of the brain when in trance, and independent research studies comparing hypnosis to traditional therapies showed that psychoanalysis had a 38% recovery rate after 600 sessions, behavioral therapy was much better at a 72% recovery rate after 22 sessions, but hypnotherapy clients had a 93% recovery rate after only 6 sessions, with results lasting far longer. And the American Medical Association approved hypnotherapy as an orthodox (as opposed to alternative or complementary) form of therapy over 60 years ago.

Whiting is just as successful over video conference doing sessions globally with clients from Bangkok to Argentina, and Mexico to Spain. His goal is to empower the individual in less than 6 sessions to overcome their problem and never need therapy again for that issue. Often full recovery comes in only 1 session.

Problems addressed by Whiting include all forms of anxiety such as in social situations or relationships, as well as unknown causes of panic attacks. Even the deepest forms of past trauma and depression are also easily resolved, as Whiting believes and has effectively shown with hundreds of clients that no person has depressive or anxious feelings or behaviors unless they first have anxious or depressive thoughts. If, unlike traditional therapy, the thoughts are addressed where they exist in the subconscious mind, then behavior can be changed instantly and permanently without extremely harmful and habit forming medications.

Whiting does not diagnose, treat, or prescribe for mental health concerns like a Doctor or Psychiatrist, and he believes that this is to his advantage so he is forced to help the client find and fix their own problem without the more common but slow and broken methods of treatment.

Using the tools of the subconscious mind, Whiting has found phenomenal success in areas of weight loss, stress, smoking, addiction, eating disorders, fears and phobias of all kinds, insomnia, psychosomatically-induced chronic illness, relationships, anger, and learning disorders such as ADHD. He has also helped professional athletes such as world-ranked tennis players and bull riders.

He is planning to provide training in his methods in the Spring of 2023.

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