The author, Nurit Borger Yanai, in a new lecture: “Things I kept in my stomach”, about the 3 tragic still births and emotional overcoming

December 07 12:36 2022

“The most shocking moment in my life was the moment when I was asked whether I should continue the pregnancy I am carrying. The doctors identified a problem with the fetus and said that they cannot recommend or tell us to terminate the pregnancy, but it should be our decision. We were told that the head is small, a special syndrome in which brain lobe shuts down or would not develop in a normal way, in the early weeks and the frontal lobe of the brain does not develop” Nurit Borger Yanai’s first interview in the Contento Now digital television studio opened like a storm.

On the impossible dilemma, she shares the moments and looks with her ex-husband, who read each other’s thoughts: “We looked at each other, and we nodded yes with our heads. I think I nodded first, because in this whole story and those that followed, I have control over my body… I also had a feeling of very strong belief that this is really what needs to happen and it’s not just that two months of tests have passed, probably not for nothing.” I was asked to choose in that moment, to give an answer there and then. We need to get the answer from the top doctors in the hospital in order to terminate the pregnancy, especially at such a late stage… They took me from the delivery room to the maternity room, in the most insensitive way possible. In retrospect, I was comforted that in every storm, this certainty, at least I could decide for myself what would happen next, it strengthened me.”

Nurit Borger Yanai’s brave decision to terminate her pregnancy at the age of 25 with her ex-husband after many concerns and stares opens the door to her new lecture “Things I kept in my stomach”, which is coming out these days. Today, Nurit is a mother of five charming children, from a difficult story to a ravishing success.

The sentence that accompanies Nurit throughout her life is an iconic sentence of the Buddha that says: “Please remember well, my children, that without change nothing exists. Because it doesn’t matter how difficult the past was, you can always start over today.” In the light of this sentence, Nurit Borger Yanai rebuilds her world for herself every day, and this is evident in the short stories published in the book “The Witch’s Triangle”, which brings together the practicalities written as, stories that correspond with the reality of life but at the same time One, create a new reality.

We asked the publisher of the international publishing house Contento Now, Netanel Semrik, about the experience of working together with Nurit Borger Yanai in a series of interviews and now also in the new lecture based on her unimaginable life story, he told us that: “This is an inspiring, optimistic woman with a huge heart that can empower not only women who have been traumatized in life, but also the men who stood by their women in unbearably difficult situations. These people, like Nurit, chose to turn these experiences into the fuel that motivates them to continue. Without losing trust and faith, thanks to a big heart, a broad smile, honest language and a significant emotional process.”

Nurit tearfully told us about her exciting new digital branding campaign with Contento Now, which is now in full swing: “I am very excited, I have told this story, of the still birth, many, many times. I thought I was no longer excited about it, and suddenly now it has returned to me, the excitement.”

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