Stay Hydrated in Style with NOU Bottle

December 07 14:45 2022
A flat water bottle that brings a timeless look and natural hand feel

As people become more conscious of their health and more aware of the insurmountable effects of single use plastic bottles, reusable water bottles have gained popularity these past years. Reusable water bottles come in different styles and sizes, but for those who like it functional and fashionable at the same time, NOU Bottle is the ideal brand to watch out for.

Carefully designed with style and ergonomic consideration, the NOU Bottle is the new standard among all the readily available water bottles in the market — it is flat, one of a kind, and offers a comfortable drinking experience.

At first glance, the NOU water bottle showcases a timeless look because of its sleek shape. It is a sure standout but it will fit in to all the right places such as backpacks, side pockets, handbags, purses, briefcases, and many more. Because of its flat base, it can stand upright and is easily accessible by hand.

Do not be fooled by the beauty of this flat designer water bottle because the NOU bottle was made to last. To resemble a glass like appearance, every bottle is made of Tritan™ material, which makes it BPA and BPS free. It is guaranteed to be dishwasher safe and is suitable for both hot and cold liquids. The NOU water bottle also boasts of a stainless steel cap that is easy to twist off with a matching simple silicone, center mast slip pad in the middle to add texture for a confident swig and a clever non-slip grip. Talk about a sustainable and durable design, no one does it better than NOU Bottle.

This unique flat water bottle is the perfect everyday companion. It can hold 350 mL of any liquid and it only weighs approximately 150 grams. For size reference, the NOU water bottle resembles that of an iPhone 11 Pro Max, fitting perfectly in the hand because of its supple curved edges and soft lines. Without a doubt, the NOU Bottle was specially made for those who are thirsting for excellence in design.

At present, the NOU Bottle comes in five classic colors: black, steel, white, brunswick green, and burnt red. Each bottle is definitely a statement piece that will compliment any style. And if one would like to mix it up every once in a while, the caps of the NOU water bottle are actually interchangeable.

Flat is beautiful. Get a NOU Bottle now. Visit their website at to know more.

About NOU Bottle

NOU Bottle is a flat designer water bottle that was made for those who are thirsting for excellence in design.

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