Shulman & Hill Injury Attorneys Know How to Obtain Fair Verdicts and Settlements for Personal Injury Victims in New York

December 07 14:39 2022
Shulman & Hill has helped thousands of personal injury victims in New York City obtain the compensation they deserve. The law firm offers a free, no-obligation consultation. Its accreditations and honors testify to its commitment to protecting a client’s rights.

According to announcements released by Shulman & Hill, the law firm has recovered more than 250 million for its clients. Shulman & Hill injury attorneys are driven to obtain fair compensation for the law firm’s personal injury victims.

Pedestrian accidents are severe and can mar the quality of the injured person’s life. Pedestrian accidents in Queens, NY, are dangerous because walkers do not have the protection that the occupants of a four-wheeler do. Injuries associated with such accidents are invariably harsh and can result in nervous system damage or head injuries that worsen over time. Shulman & Hill works hard to obtain fair compensation for pedestrian accident victims.

Motorcycle accidents in the boroughs of New York can turn out very badly for motorcyclists, who are apt to fare worse than the occupant of a car. Shulman & Hill understands the importance of working quickly to gather evidence. If hired, the personal injury attorney Queens will visit the site of the accident to reconstruct the event. The team from this law firm works hard to prepare a solid case for compensation. It is prepared to take the matter to court if the insurer and defendant refuse to settle the claim fairly.

Truck accidents are tricky because of the many possible guilty parties. Also, trucking companies have deep pockets. They can prolong a case to avoid paying compensation. However, an injured person may want to avoid dragging the case and settle for the amount offered by the insurance company. Shulman & Hill advises against this because the low-ball settlement insurance adjusters offer can result in financial difficulties later.

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Shulman & Hill said, “When clients come to us with a workers’ compensation or personal injury matter, they are in a vulnerable position. They need our help. We take this responsibility very seriously. Your case means everything to you. It means everything to us, too.

Part of our commitment to you and your family is achieving the best results possible. With your health and livelihood at stake, there can be no half-measures. We commit our full strength to make sure you receive maximum compensation. We fight for you at every step and are prepared to go all the way. There is no such thing as a minor injury case at Shulman & Hill. Every case matters and every client is important. How our Queens personal injury lawyers approach a case varies depending on the circumstances. We do not follow a “one size fits all” approach. Instead, we consider the details of each case to determine how best to proceed. There are instances when another party’s negligence results in avoidable injury and death. While no one can bring your loved one back, if you lost someone due to negligence, we can help you recover compensation accordingly.”

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Shulman & Hill specializes in personal injury law and worker’s compensation. It provides personalized attention to each case and strives to deliver maximized results for clients. The law firm represents injury victims from its Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, and Long Island offices.

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