Onpassive Has Just Launched O-mail and O-net Today

November 24 16:36 2022

USA – Nov 24, 2022 – ONPASSIVE is an artificial intelligence technology (AI) based products manufacturing company that uses all the advanced technology to manufacture the artificial intelligence (AI) products for the businesses and brands all over the world. The company is working to bring advance technological products into the corporate environment for making the working environment more self-driven, convenient, efficient and cost effective. ONPASSIVE encompasses all the area of services including strategy to design, implementation and management and the ultimate purpose of the company is to bring technological advancement and innovation for business transformation according to the need of the rapidly growing technological world.

ONPASSIVE’s wide range of artificial intelligence-based (AI) products, innovation and digital transformation strategies help redesign business models and help customers achieve higher operational efficiency and better customer experience. From individuals to business owners, small, medium, and large enterprises, high schools, universities, governments, and even the military, are enhancing their working efficiency “x times” by using ONPASSIVE artificial intelligence (AI) tools to meet the necessities of this modern era all the working sectors are appreciating and acknowledging ONASSIVE (Al) products.

After receiving positive feedbacks and appreciation from all around the world regarding ONPASSIVE (AI) products, recently ONPASSIVE has launched two new products O-mailand O-Net both of the products are available for the customers who wants to enhance their overall organizational performance, make their business more revenue generating and make organizational communication more convenient as never before.

Let’s explore more about ONASSIVE new products.

O-Mail features and Benefits (Organizational Communication in a Hassle Free Manner)

O-Mail is a web mail platform that is providing an amazing opportunity to every user to communicate more efficiently, effortlessly and conveniently. This is just because of the use of ONASSIVE (AI) technology that is providing the commination experience which has never offered before by any competitor. O-mail users will be enriched with many amazing features like create and customize their email according to their needs and preferences, enables notifications on the multiple device at the same time, schedule emails using online and offline calendars and many more. Omail is a security and surveillance based email platform with 99% reliability and provides multiple features for enhancing customer’s experiences like swipe actions and menus, action bars and buttons containing different colours and themes. Some more significant features of O-Mail are,

Unlimited Storage Space

Online and Offline Calendar Synchronization

Email Synchronization across Multiple Devices at a Time

Facility to Import Contacts from Old Email

Customize and Enable Notifications

Scheduling Emails

O-Net features and Benefits (A Revolutionary Social Networking Platform)

O-Net is the social networking platform which encompasses all the requirements of this modern technological world. Today commutating with the likeminded people is not just for chatting purpose but for business development and for selling and purchasing of goods and services and lots of more another activities are taking place on social media platforms like o-net. This platform is especially designed and customized as per the needs of every individual and provides an opportunity to connect with friends, family and people who shares the same interests with highlights like Groups, Watch and Marketplace. O-Net Artificial Intelligence Technology (AI) enables its users to send and receive audio, videos, images, files individually and in groups more effortlessly and conveniently. Some significant features of o-net are,

News Feed and Timeline

Discussions with Like Minded People and Sharing High Quality Content

Messages and Inbox

Notifications and updates

Events and Marketplace

ONPASSIVE mission is to help customers in building stronger customer relationships, drive sales, discover new opportunities, and analyze marketing results to improve their business and to incubate, innovate, develop, and launch AI-based technology products that support every business innovation competency.

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