Tiemann Law Firm Committed to Helping Injury Victims in Sacramento Get Just Compensation

November 23 11:33 2022
Tiemann Law Firm is devoted to helping injury clients in Sacramento, CA get the justice they deserve. The firm’s team of personal injury lawyers and support staff believe that any victim of an accident as a result of someone else’s action must be properly compensated. Tiemann Law Firm has recovered several million in compensation on behalf of their clients over the years.

Accidents can occur at any time and in most cases, they are caused by the negligence of another party. When the life of an innocent person is put on hold because of an accident, complications may arise due to financial constraints. 

With mounting medical bills and the loss of income, the victim will be destitute and unable to provide sustenance to family members if nothing is done to resolve the problem quickly. In such an event, residents of Sacramento can reach out for legal help. The attorneys at Tiemann Law Firm have a reputation for aggressively representing clients and protecting their rights in the quest for justice. 

Insurance companies representing the party at fault often attempt to resolve the case quickly by offering the victim a settlement far lower than deserved. While the sum may be adequate to cover the initial medical expenses incurred, it may not necessarily cover the loss of income and the family’s living expenses. Hence, it is crucial for an injury victim to hire a Sacramento personal injury lawyer immediately after the accident. 

With a Tiemann Law Firm attorney by their side, clients will receive proper legal advice and the assurance that the case for fair compensation will be handled professionally. With such support, they can rest easily and focus on recovering from injuries. No two cases ever happen under similar circumstances, and once hired, the attorney’s job is to assess the accident and the chronology of events that led to it. 

All available evidence is gathered to put together a solid case considering the extent of the injuries sustained and thoroughly investigate the culpability of the at-fault party. Once the facts are established, the attorney will ascertain the maximum amount in compensation and commence negotiations or litigation on behalf of the client.

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Frequently, accident victims are reluctant to pursue the case in court for fear of a drawn-out legal case and its associated legal fees. However, Tiemann Law Firm’s sight is aimed at the insurance companies—hence, its “No recovery – No fee” policy is specifically designed to cater to cases of personal injury involving the man on the street. The client is not required to incur any cost until the case is resolved and the firm will offer legal advice and representation on a contingency basis once a fair settlement is reached on behalf of the client. 

For years, the attorneys at Tiemann Law Firm have been helping the people of Sacramento and the Northern California area fight back against big insurance and the parties that commit wrongful, negligent, or careless actions. The firm’s personal injury lawyers are committed to helping their clients to get fair compensation and case resolution.  

About the Firm: 

Tiemann Law Firm’s record speaks for Itself. Comprising the team of Sacramento, CA personal injury lawyers—Jelena Tiemann, Peter B. Tiemann, and Kia Jafari—the firm is dedicated to protecting the rights of the county’s residents. These lawyers are a team of tenacious legal professionals who practice law with passion and will not settle for less than what our clients deserve. With a proven track record of success in Sacramento personal injury law, clients benefit from the proven legal experience and sound understanding of their chosen areas of practice.

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