FP Footwear DGS System that provides Joint Stability and leads in shock absorption

September 23 17:43 2022

The DGS system was developed by their team of biomechanical engineers and sports medicine experts. It is the result of years of research and development, and it is constantly being updated to ensure that it meets the needs of athletes at all levels. 

The DGS system provides several benefits that make it ideal for athletes. First, it helps to absorb shock and protect joints from impact. 

Second, it provides excellent stability and support while allowing a full range of motion. And finally, it is incredibly durable and absorbs extreme shock from the first to last day of use. 

The DGS system in FP Footwear uses the unique properties of their proprietary FluidX energy-absorbing materials to provide joint stability, proper shock energy absorption, and long-lasting performance. 

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Flexibility and Durability

FluidX is a material that is both flexible and durable. It can absorb impact and then quickly return to its original shape. This makes it ideal for use in footwear, as it helps to protect people’s joints from the impact of walking or running on hard surfaces. 

Shock Absorbing Insoles

The FluidX material is also able to store energy as it is compressed. This stored energy is then released when people take their foot off the ground, providing a boost to their step. This boost helps people to save energy as they walk or run, making their workout more efficient. 

Lastly, the FluidX material is durable and will not break down over time as other materials can. This means that people’s shoes will last longer and continue to provide them with the same level of protection and performance for many years. 

DGS is a revolutionary new way to provide feet with joint stability, shock absorption, and durable performance. 

The unique properties of the FluidX material make it ideal for people who need protection from impact and provide an added boost when they take their next step! 

Long Lasting Performance

If someone is looking specifically at shoes that will last several years before needing replacement or repair, this product should be considered first.

The durable FluidX material, combined with the DGS system in footwear, provides accurate shock absorption and long-lasting performance.

People know that their shoes will continue to provide these benefits for miles when they wear them because of their strength; it’s no wonder why so many choose this shoe material!

Final Thought

FP Footwear’s DGS system significantly advances foot protection and performance. Using FluidX materials, FP has created a shoe that is durable and long-lasting and provides superior joint protection and energy storage and release. 

For more information visit https://fpinsoles.com.

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