Truly Unique European Military Scooter Mosphera Launched Serial Production

August 06 07:04 2022

Mosphera is unique electric scooter for industrial needs with high performance, extra durability and increased off-road capabilities. Fully electric scooter developed in Latvia, Europe is intended for wide range industries. It has started a full-fledged production cycle and in the past six months has delivered production to eight countries at three different continents. Now the new start-up is ready to move to next phase and increase production capacity for successful sales of the unique scooter.

The design and prototyping of the mobility scooter Mosphera started late 2020. The development phase took a year and a half, during which several prototypes were built and tested in close cooperation with Latvian and French specialists, as well as opinion leaders within the scooter segment. In January 2022, serial production of Mosphera was launched and since then the unique electric scooters have already reached customers in the Czech Republic, Finland, France, Israel, Poland, Slovakia and Switzerland. 


This month the first scooters are also making their way to the USA. The military industry has shown interest in the company’s scooters, seeing them as an excellent means of transportation for military bases, border controls and other internal mobility. Forestry, farmers, airports and even the film industry appreciate Mosphera scooters as a great tool in their everyday life.

Mosphera production outlet is based in Liepaja, Europe and scooter is special with its unique design and the fact that it is created not only for smooth tarmac, but also for various off-road terrain. That is possible because the front suspension consists of an “UpSide Down” fork, while the rear uses “linkage” technology. The most powerful Mosphera 72V version can develop 10,000W of power and a maximum speed of 100km/h or /62mph. Depending on the selected battery package, it is possible to cover up to 300 km or 190 miles with one charge, which is unprecedented in this segment.

“The first production cycle for European countries will end soon, with the next production cycle we are opening US and Canadian markets. The company has currently fulfilled all the start-up prerequisites – from the idea and prototype we have reached production, sales and deliveries in eight different countries in the world. After the successful market launch, our main priority is now attracting investment to increase the production capacity,” reveals Mr. Klavs Asmanis, the author of Mosphera’s idea and company Founder&CEO.


The impressive scooter now is available from 8350 USD, which is a competitive price considering its performance and the market in this segment. It should be noted that one of the most popular YouTube channels in France – KRAMTOO – rated Mosphera as one of the most impressive and best scooters in the world. More information about the special electric scooter can be found at, where it can also be ordered directly from the factory.

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