ScholarSkills Launches The Academic Gym: A Multi-Sensory Enrichment After School Program for Kids

August 03 12:57 2022
The Academic Gym is an early reading, spelling, math, and sports skill afterschool program designed to enrich the body and mind at the same time.

ScholarSkills, one of the leading providers of hands-on academic tutoring in the US, is proud to announce the launch of The Academic Gym or TAG – a multi-sensory enrichment program that combines mental and physical exercises to foster academic and athletic excellence at the same time.

World-class athletes, performers, and some of the most successful people in history are great at what they do because they nurture strong bodies and strong, healthy minds. TAG is built around the premise of the mind-body connection, that there’s a synergistic link between learning and movement. In the program, kids learn the same skills and disciplines successful people use to unlock their full potential and become elite academic athletes.

The Academic Gym eliminates dull traditional learning and transforms it into an exciting and unforgettable experience. TAG isn’t about passively sitting behind desks and simply listening to the teacher narrate the lesson. Here, kids become active and eager participants in the classroom. They jump, run, skip, and have fun while getting serious learning done.

TAG uses a variety of highly engaging learning modalities to help students accomplish several objectives such as FACT Fitness, better focus, concentration, discipline, and determination.

TAG Coaches guide students to master the F. A. C. T. S. or the Fundamentals of Arithmetic, Comprehension, and Thinking Skills, thus improving their Math, English, and information processing skills.

The program opens many opportunities for self-exploration, discovery, and positive social interactions. TAG encourages kids to develop a positive self-image, strong mental fortitude, and persistence to keep trying. They learn to perform well, especially under pressure, and achieve new heights in their academic and athletic performances.

TAG Coaches reward students for achieving milestones, inspiring them to work harder and develop healthy competition with their peers.

TAG captures the enthusiasm and wonder of genuine learning and innovates on proven methods to deliver one-of-a-kind learning experiences that benefit students for a lifetime.

The program builds a solid foundation of essential skills that prepares learners for challenges and empowers them to step into a brighter, more fulfilling future. TAG enables kids to apply a growth mindset to everything they do and develop into well-rounded, healthy individuals.

The program is offered all year round with pricing tiers to meet diverse needs. TAG is currently designed for kids from four to fourth grade. Schedule a free consultation to learn more about The Academic Gym and its benefits here:

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