With a High Engagement on Social Media Platforms Ruchika Kamboj Strives to Become an Eminent Model for Several Prestigious Brands

August 03 00:21 2022
Being a strong and passionate individual, Ruchika Kamboj puts her efforts to pursue her dreams.

Despite being a young high school student, Ruchika Kamboj has always dreamt big and has set her goal to become an esteemed face of fame by pursuing a modeling career. As a young girl, she developed a strong sense of obsession and love for modeling and ended up spending most of her time in front of the mirror practicing poses. Belonging to a middle-class family and a society where modeling and acting were considered taboo, Ruchika Kamboj was determined to overcome any barrier that might come her way. Despite the challenges and hurdles, Ruchika Kamboj refused to give up on her dreams and moved to Canada to polish her undeniable modeling skills and started collaborating with several photographers, makeup artists, and dress designers.

With an engagement of 16.6k on Instagram, Ruchika Kamboj is growing strong every day. Despite being bullied and facing rejection, she kept her head high with confidence and never stopped thriving to chase her dreams. Her constant determination and the urge to become what she desires has drawn the attention of several prestigious brands; therefore, she is currently working with numerous clothing, jewelry, and accessory brands. Moreover, Ruchika Kamboj understands that to succeed in the modeling industry, one must gain exposure, so she makes sure not to miss out on any opportunities to learn from others. 

“I would like to be a model, me myself as a business. Working with clothing, jewelry, and accessory brands. I am already growing and do have really good engagement on Instagram with 16.6k and growing strong every single day. Being a model in my society is not much appreciated, so after moving to Canada I started collaborating with photographers, makeup artists, and dress designers. I see myself growing and working with top-most brands, as their catalog model,” says Ruchika Kamboj.

Being a highly dedicated and devoted individual, Ruchika Kamboj ensures to put all her diligent efforts into her work and never hesitates in taking the risk to reach the heights of success. In defiance of facing so many ups and downs in her life, she was persistent and tenacious in accomplishing her goals and desires. In addition, Ruchika Kamboj’s extensive experience and expertise have helped her to create a credible portfolio that can be shared with various modeling agencies.

Aside from this, Kamboj also possesses high planning and time management skills, as well as a true commitment to becoming a reputable and recognized member of the glamorous world. She has the ability to organize her time and workload accordingly. Additionally, Ruchika Kamboj is open to change and has the excellent communication skills needed to make connections in the industry.

Due to her zeal and steadfastness, Ruchika Kamboj is an inspiration for all the young girls striving to achieve their dreams and overcoming any hindrance that is in their way. In the future, she aims and sees herself working with high-end brands as their catalog model.

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