Looking To Increase Business Traffic And Audience Engagement In Less Than One Minute? Think Minute Promo

July 30 02:46 2022
Looking To Increase Business Traffic And Audience Engagement In Less Than One Minute? Think Minute Promo
Minute Promos Specialize in Creating Impactful Short Videos that Grasp the Attention of the Target Audience to either Pass a Message or Market a Business

July 29th, 2022 – Yaakov Citron is the founder of CitronFilms, a cutting-edge video promotional company headquartered in New Jersey and Israel, and he’s rolling out his new and innovative product. The Minute Promo takes everything the current market has shown about user engagement and translates it to the world of promotional videos. In just 60 seconds, Minute Promo encapsulates the whole of the client’s message, maintaining the intended impact while keeping it in the optimal timeframe for maintaining viewer interest.

The power of video in the modern day is undeniable, especially short videos. 83% of Marketing Professionals have stated that videos increase the time that clients spend on their websites and help generate new leads. On the other side of the coin, as many as 84% of customers confirmed that they made their final decision for a purchase because of a video. Citron knows this and is pushing the way forward, tailoring each video and experience for his clients and their audience.

Since its inception in 2014, CitronFilms’s sole mission has been to help clients create sensational promotional media, be it promo videos, music videos, or other custom products. It’s these skills that Minute Promo utilizes to bring every client’s vision to life, creating unique marketing videos that are guaranteed to influence each client’s target audience while ensuring a fantastic experience during the whole process.

Minute Promo creates its magic in a fully laid out hi-tech studio. The ultramodern facility is acoustically treated and equipped with cinema-level equipment, picture-perfect lighting, multiple backdrops, and a beautiful balcony with an eye-catching natural view. Not limited to one location, though, Minute Promo can also use a mobile “Virtual Studio” that can be brought over and set up to provide top quality filming at the client’s preferred location.

To enjoy and experience the expertise of Minute Promo, all that needs to be done is to contact the team and discuss the desired vision. Interested parties are kept in the loop and provided with up-to-date information as the project gets underway. Whether a client wishes to be involved in the creative process or completely hands-off, the expert team of writers and videographers are always hands-on to ensure a seamless process that is sure to exceed the expectation of the clients.

For more information visit – https://www.minutepromo.com/

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