One of the best books on how to reduce hair loss published in 2022 is “Stop Additional Hair Loss” by Dino Dondiego

July 29 14:27 2022

Author Dino Dondiego, a hairdresser and hair-loss specialist, shares his extensive expertise in his newly released guide, Stop Additional Hair Loss: Fuller Hair: Using and Keeping Your Hair Safe and Healthy. In addition to reviewing emerging technologies and best practices for hair health, Dondiego introduces a unique invention called Micro Strand® that works to preserve any type of hair.

Stop Additional Hair Loss urges readers not to settle for reduced hair longevity or covering up the signs of hair loss. With millions of people using extensions and concealing powders on their hair, this insightful book teaches those with hair loss how to keep their existing hair instead of settling. Unlike other books that only address the superficial, cosmetic aspects of hair loss, Stop Additional Hair Loss includes practical steps, pictures, and links to instructional videos.

The author’s Micro Strand® method optimizes 100% of a person’s natural hair and adds single hairs in between to create fullness while stimulating growth. Other topics in Stop Additional Hair Loss include how to eliminate hair color without compromising style and self-improvement strategies to form better habits.

Ordinary people and hair professionals alike can benefit from these learnings. Anyone who has struggled to keep their hair or improve the appearance of fine, thin hair can benefit from this easy-to-follow guide. Stop Additional Hair Loss is an honest assessment of hair preservation that explains how consumers and hair professionals are likely using products that cause further hair loss even while attempting to conceal signs of that very thing.

Stop Additional Hair Loss is a call to action and a business opportunity to make the advanced Micro Strand® technology available in more communities. In tandem with this instructional book, the author offers strategy calls and business support for interested professionals.

Stop Additional Hair Loss: Fuller Hair: Using and Keeping Your Hair Safe and Healthy is available for purchase on Amazon or wherever books are sold. A video trailer that talks more about the book has been specially created by Dondiego and available on Youtube:

Dino Dondiego is a hair expert and inventor of the revolutionary InvisaBlend® Micro Strand® hair-preservation method. He was inspired to help others stop hair loss after witnessing the negative toll it can have on a person’s mental and emotional health. Dondiego has lectured on hair-loss therapies at a variety of prestigious events, including the Beauty Pro Health Fitness Show and national television programs. He is the proud recipient of the Outstanding Achievement in Ethics and Professionalism Award from the International Hair Replacement Convergence.

Visit him online at or the author’s website at

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