Get to Know About The Long Islands Hottest Celebrity Couple

June 29 15:16 2022

American model Tehmeena Afzal, 40, is a native of Pakistan. Afzal was a rapper and an athlete who get best recognized for her work as an all-city athete and top salesperson for Nissan and modeling since the age of 18. Tehmeena also owns Luxe by Meena, which is her own clothing & cosmetics line.

Afzal has had to handle difficulties since she was a little child. Softball, for instance, majority of other games are exclusively allowed for boys in Pakistan. Even though she was aware of this, she continued to play the game and earned herself a full athletic scholarship to college. It is one factor that contributed to her rise to fame.  Also being raised in a strict muslim household her desire to model was highly frowned upon, but regardless of all the backlash she recieved she quickly rose to become one of the most well-known video vixens and pin-ups thanks to her numerous performances in music videos and appearances in magazines including King, Smooth, XXL, Show, WorldStar and many more. She is an intriguing celebrity because of her unflappable confidence and sincere friendliness.

Most sweltering and blazing Celebrity Couple around

When it comes to attractive celebrities, the adage “two is better than one” is undoubtedly true. Everyone enjoys sight candy, but there’s nothing we love more than eye candy in love! The trendiest new celebrity couple on Long Island is Tehmeena Afzal @missmeenaofficial and Bryant Quintana @they_call_mE_BQ

When it comes to her personal life, she is a married to Bryant Quintana, a 40-year-old Finance director of 18 years now and Entrepeuer.  According to their Instagram page and engagement announcement in September 2020, it appears they got married in 2021. Although the couple’s first meeting or wedding day has not been extensively and publicly discussed.

Everywhere the pair appears together, they are now the focus of attracting the most attention. We can’t stop reminiscing about all the memorable occasions that this endearing pair has experienced together, which gives us the best couple goals. They appear to be genuinely committed to one another, and it seems like their bond is growing deeper every day. They are one of instagrams hottest couples and the real definition of a Powercouple.


Net Worth

Regarding their income, Bryant being one of the best auto finance directors in the county and Tehmeena markets her goods, which range from women’s apparel to cosmetics like eyelashes. As a result, their net worth gets thought to be around 1.5 million dollars. Additionally, Tehmeena & Bryant also create content for their OnlyFans account.

Social Media Personality

On numerous social networking platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, Afzal is quite active. Similar to how Afzal has become quite well-known because of the images she has shared on her accounts, so also is Bryant Quintana with of 71k followers on Instagram, known widely as “Million Dollar Finance Man” Additionally, Tehmeena has over 1 million Instagram followers.  This celebrity powercouple were featured on the reality Series “Bling Life” which airs July 29th 2022. 

Exclusively, reach out via: @missmeenaofficial  and @they_call_mE_BQ

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