What Steps Are Required To Install An Outdoor Light Post

June 29 14:14 2022

Outdoor lamp posts can bring warmth to your outdoor space and make the night more artistic. The installation of the outdoor lamp post is actually very simple, you can follow my steps to install it. It’s even safer if you hire a licensed electrician to connect the wires to the main box. Proceed as follows:

1. Choose the right lamp post

It is still a good choice to install a lamp post in the yard, but choose a good lighting effect and material, because it determines the quality of the lamp post. LED outdoor garden landscape lamp post is a decorative lighting lamp that uses LED as a light source. We recommend using PE plastic LED lamp post, which is light in weight and easy to install, and has the functions of waterproof, anti-ultraviolet and anti-aging.

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2.  Choose a suitable location

It should be noted that the size of the lamp post matches the installation position, and the installation position cannot affect the later use of the garden. And don’t forget to choose a location where you can easily connect to the power cord

3. Make a corresponding plan according to the size of the lamp post

If the height of the landscape light is less than 3 meters and the site environment is cement foundation, it can be directly fixed with expansion screws. During installation, the screws must be fixed firmly to avoid unnecessary safety risks. If it is a large landscape lamp post that must be a foundation, use a round shovel to dig a hole with a diameter of 30 cm and a depth of 50 cm. Also, you will need a groove to align the power supply with the lamp post. We recommend that you dig a line at the power supply closest to the lighting. The groove should be at least 30 cm deep and provide sufficient width to insert the catheter.

4. Place the anchor bolts and conduit

Fix 4 anchor bolts with 6 small irons to make a 20cm square iron frame, and insert the iron frame into the soil. Conduit and wire pass through the middle of the iron frame. 

5. Pour the concrete and fix the lamp post

Pour concrete into the hole, exposing the conduit and wire. Allow the concrete to dry for half a day to a day and position the anchor bolts in the base of the lamp post.

6.Connect the wires

The things to watch out for are power dissipation and power dissipation voltage. If the pre-installed voltage does not match the voltage of the landscape lamp body, it will be very troublesome to replace it later. After the landscape light is installed, the wiring must be well insulated to avoid unnecessary safety losses due to leakage.

Note that we always recommend using a qualified electrician for pole installation. If you want to install it yourself, be careful with electricity.

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