Chamco Digital and partners are improving healthcare delivery worldwide

May 17 10:53 2022

Chamco Digital is the innovative company that helped develop StableDoc, a telemedicine app that allows people from across the globe to meet with doctors in real-time. 

StableDoc’s slogan leads with, “Digital health, meet blockchain.” The StableDoc core team prides itself for redefining the nature of healthcare as ongoing, multimodal, personalized and decentralized. 

With this futuristic technology, people around the world can get easier access to healthcare by downloading the StableDoc app and registering, using several of the free resources and utilizing affordable healthcare services by phone, computer or through the app itself. 

According to Chamco Digital’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO), N. Jude Nwosu, “These healthcare projects are about the future of healthcare, serving humans and making healthcare technology more accessible.”

Along with their partner, Chamco Digital has collaborated on other large-scale projects similar to the StableDoc project. 

From providing end-to-end cloud solutions all the way to transforming managed IT services, design, and development for software products, Chamco Digital and partners are eager to change the world for the better. 

He goes on to say that the mission of Chamco Digital goes far beyond simply growing their company and influence as a business. The Chamco Digital team cares about bettering humanity and making a positive difference in the lives of others through technology and innovation. 

Technology has always been a personal passion of N. Jude Nwosu, and he says his team at Chamco Digital also shares the same passion, which drives them to work on interesting projects and collaborate with innovative companies that are willing to do the same. 

One of the many products that Chamco Digital and partners collaborated on with their partner was a website design concept for Boston Dynamics, the popular American engineering and robotics design company founded in 1992. 

Boston Dynamics is also perhaps best known on social media for developing ‘Spot – The Agile Mobile Robot’. The robot is a quadruped remote-control dog with five sets of cameras and weighs about 60 pounds. It has been featured heavily online, garnering hundreds of millions of views. 

Chamco Digital elaborated on the brilliance of Spot on their website: “(Boston Dynamics) is known for the development of the four-legged BigDog robot for DARPA for military purposes. Spot is a four-legged robot first introduced on June 23, 2016, producing velocity up to 1.6 m/s. The robot explores the terrain using stereo cameras, giving a total of 360° viewing angle. It weighs 25 kilograms, making it the lightest robot at the time of 2019.” 

Here’s what Chamco Digital and partner did to help: “On our own initiative, we decided to create a new website design for the Spot Boston Dynamics model. The goal was to present a product in a modern layout, properly highlighting key points on the advantages of this model.” 

“Taking the content of the existing site as a basis, we completely transformed the visual aspect. We brought the color scheme closer to the execution of the robot, worked on the 3D model and animations to maximize users’ attention to the subject and shape.” 

Other projects Chamco Digital and partner have collaborated on include: a running and fitness app, services to automate the school inspection process and track educational progress (EdTech), and SeekMed, another innovative service that brings together doctor and patients for online consultations

To learn more about Chamco Digital and partner, you can view their portfolio on their official website and schedule a one-on-one call to discuss your project.

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