Mikro Entertainment Announces World’s First Marketplace for Official Motion

May 11 15:21 2021
Mikro Entertainment Announces World’s First Marketplace for Official Motion

11 May, 2021 – Mikro Entertainment Inc., a leading developer of consumer concepts and services, announces the release of a groundbreaking digital marketplace for dance and the theatrical arts. The platform markets and trades official 3D motion data online converted from video of human motion.

A next-generation resource for dancers, choreographers, production studios, and corporations, GESREC is endorsed by creative professionals looking to share their works and talents with the world, while retaining credit for their efforts and generating new revenue streams. The platform uses advanced technologies including artificial intelligence to extract 3D data from 2D sources quickly, easily, and accurately.

The innovative project was inspired by the wife of Mikro Entertainment’s CEO, herself a professional dancer long troubled by the difficulty choreographers face in receiving due credit and renumeration for their work. The platform seeks to clarify copyright protection for dance creators, and to support the talents of choreographers and other movement artists whether they share their art on social media or in more traditional settings.

“In the end,” says Mikro Entertainment Founder Taku Kodaira, “we hope to give emerging motion artists a way to build their portfolios and to support themselves financially through their art. Dancers and choreographers have been undervalued by the marketplace until now, and many have seen their work appropriated by others. GESREC is proud to support the continuing evolution of dance and other motion-intensive artforms by making it easier for talented people to grow as artists.”

To learn more about how GESREC helps dance creators get the recognition and support they deserve, please visit gesrec.com.

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