Why Visiting the Best Women’s Barber Shop in Manhattan is the Right Move

May 10 20:00 2021

Traditionally, in society women have found themselves seeking hair services at women’s hair salons. Over the years, however, things have started to change and women have gone against the grain.

More and more women have sought out the services of a barber stylist, which is the hybrid of a hairstylist and a barber rather than a typical stylist at a hair salon. This is due in part to changes in hair trends and the appeal of a barber stylist.

Sara Grace Judge is a NYC-based barber stylist at Artisan Barber and Orchard & Ludlow, the best women’s hair salon in New York City, and has come to understand why some women now prefer a barber stylist. For Judge, it isn’t about whether women should go to barber stylists but rather the environment they’re looking for when getting a haircare service. The women’s barbershop in New York City that Judge is employed at, is a great example of this.

“With barber stylists, it’s not a stuffy environment,” Judge says. “It’s more laidback and chill, there’s less of an expectation to act a certain way.” As a barber stylist, Judge prefers clients who are open to suggestions and let their barber stylists play with their look. The best hairstylist in Manhattan believes those are the types of clients that would feel most comfortable in her chair.

“As someone who has worked in a salon, there can be this air about that space that one wouldhave to act fancy because it’s expensive or there are celebrities around,” she shares. “I feel like when you go to a barber shop you’re able to have more interesting conversations, you’re surrounded by different people and can get unique services. It’s an environment where you’re free to be yourself a bit more.”

Book today with Judge or other barber stylists at Orchard & Ludlow by visiting www.orchardandludlow.com or calling (917) 639-3646.

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