Jonathan Tjoa Algreen, a social entrepreneur, philanthropist, serial investor, and thought leader in impact-driven business

October 05 20:54 2020
Jonathan Tjoa Algreen, a social entrepreneur, philanthropist, serial investor, and thought leader in impact-driven business

The office workplace as we know it has changed so drastically. I love being around my team in the office. I have found this allows us to connect on a deeper level and provides me with the best environment to focus my full attention on the task at hand…
Entrepreneurship has been the leading force in societal and economic changes in our modern world. But what happens when you unify philanthropy and innovation? You get Jonathan Tjoa Algreen, Founder of 1 People and IBig, a leading thought leader and social entrepreneur who creates emerging businesses that shape our World into a better place.

Jonathan Tjoa Algreen’s Charitable Vision

Since his youth, Jonathan has believed in etching his mark and leaving a positive legacy on the World. Since then, he has founded, built, and sold multiple 7 figure companies. Although his ambition was never for the monetary acquisition – Jonathan believes businesses are the best way to positively change the lives of others and end poverty and illiteracy forever.

Money As an Impact Tool

As Bob Proctor said, “Always remember Money is a servant, you are the master”. Chasing money is never a good idea for any business. It leads to cutting quality and costs in an attempt to make more money – you are making money your master, not your servant.

Jonathan states: “…money is simply a tool to create a positive impact on the world”. Rather than chasing after profits as many businesses do, Jonathan utilizes his financial platform to invest in more social and charitable businesses.

Jonathan’s Sustainable Brand, 1 People

Jonathan’s sustainable luxury Danish lifestyle brand, 1 People, is based in Copenhagen & Bali. This eco-conscious luxury brand donates 40% of its profits straight to social entrepreneurship platform, Business for Planet, that leads in Jonathan’s footsteps in changing our World. All their textiles are certified organic, safe from chemicals, and are primarily from recycled material.

1 People take great pride in providing many jobs to residents in Denmark, Indonesia, and UK, as well as other parts of the Globe. Employees talent is supported and are given the utmost working conditions and pay for their hard artisanal handmade work.

Concluding Introspections

Many challenges have incurred this year for people and businesses, primarily the COVID19 pandemic. However, nothing has stopped social entrepreneur, Jonathan Tjoa Algreen, from changing the planet day by day.

You can follow his social media at, and all his other links at, such as his Coffee Talks on Youtube and Spotify.

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