UBX Training Announces Huge Plans for the U.S. Fitness Market

February 28 16:57 2023
Fitness company UBX Training is expanding into the United States, with its first location opening this summer in Larchmont, NY.

UBX Training, a fitness company with over 90 locations across Europe, Asia, and Australia, has announced its plans to expand into the United States. The first UBX Training location in the United States is currently being built in Larchmont, just minutes from New York City, and is set to open its doors to the public this summer. 

UBX Training’s unique approach to fitness has garnered a lot of attention and enthusiasm from fitness enthusiasts around the world. The company’s high-energy workouts are designed to challenge and motivate individuals to reach their personal fitness goals. While the company is only 25% boxing and 75% functional strength, it offers a unique twist on traditional boxing workouts, known as No-contact boxing. Its customized approach to each person’s fitness level means that most of the company’s members have yet to gain experience with boxing. With this approach, UBX Training aims to create an inclusive and welcoming fitness community where everyone can work towards their personal fitness goals, regardless of their experience or fitness level.

One of the most innovative features of UBX Training is its approach to scheduling. The company has solved the problem of being late to class by getting rid of class schedules and instead having workouts start every three minutes. This means that individuals can work out at their own pace and on their own schedule without having to worry about missing a class or being late.

Speaking on why they choose UBX Training, First Franchisees Jamie and Joel Baum said, “UBX is one of those models that just make sense. If you think about the main reasons people stop being consistent, it is because of convenience and community. We fix both of those problems, and the model lets us do it better than anyone else.” Jonah Hales, COO of UBX, is equally excited about this new development, “We are thrilled to finally bring UBX Training to the United States.”

UBX Training’s expansion into the United States is highly anticipated, and the company is poised to greatly impact the fitness industry. With its unique approach to fitness and its commitment to convenience and community, UBX Training is sure to be a hit with fitness enthusiasts across the United States.

About the company

UBX [You-Box] is a premier boutique fitness studio co-founded in Australia by four-time world champion boxer Danny Green and fitness entrepreneur Tim West. Combining boxing and strength training, UBX offers a new workout daily with flexible start times and group training with 1-on-1 support. With over 90 locations worldwide in Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore, UBX is expanding with new gyms opening in the United States in 2023.

For more information, visit the UBX Training website at www.ubxtraining.com.

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