Founder of Bucket List Publications Lesley Carter showing the world how to live life to its fullest

May 17 11:04 2022

‘To travel is to live’ – Hans Christian Anderson. 

Many people around the world make personalized bucket lists of all the things that they wish to do in their life. It is important to fulfill your dreams and tick them off your bucket list. Lesley Carter is another one of those who is living her life, checking the boxes of adventures on her bucket list. She is a mother, a wife, a traveler, and an entrepreneur. Lesley has visited more than 100 countries and continues to add more to her list along with her family. She wants her kids to experience this life, and she wants them to explore the beautiful world we live in.

Lesley is also the founder of Bucket List Publications, an online magazine where she posts blogs related to her travel life. It’s a perfect site for travelers where they can find blogs related to different places, essential travel gears to carry, how to travel with kids, and a lot more. These blogs can be of great help to people who are thinking of traveling to those places, they can be prepared better, and they would know what to expect. Moreover, these blogs are more helpful for beginners who have no experience in traveling.


Lesley has been into traveling for over ten years, and now she has made traveling a lifestyle for her family. She has traveled to over 100 countries and ticked many boxes on her bucket list, including rock climbing, dog sledding, diving with sharks, paragliding, etc., and numerous adventures around the world. Lesley has tried almost all of them in her life. She has traveled with her kids to around 50 countries and has even experienced some of the greatest adventures, such as parasailing, zip-lining, rock climbing, horseback riding, and much more with her children. She is living her life to the fullest and also encourages her kids and every reader of her blogs to do the same.

Traveling has made Lesley realize that there are endless opportunities in the world. You just need to go lookout for them. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Arts, a Bachelor of Education degree, a Master’s degree, as well as eight years of teaching experience and her imagination. She decided to contribute all of her skills and experience in writing travel blogs and take the world along with her on her crazy journeys.  


On the other hand, Lesley also guides her readers on why they should make time to travel. As mentioned earlier, traveling helps you realize and open up to several different opportunities, such as you will have to leave your business in the hands of a team of trusted employees when you are not physically there. The trust built over employees can help you relax a little as you can be assured that the company will be doing okay even if you are not there. It also allows you to make more time for your personal needs or family.

Another reason why you should travel is that the climate is constantly changing, causing droughts or heavy rainfalls that lead to floods or forests catching fire. Due to this, many beautiful sites might not be around for a much longer time for people to visit. Hence, now is the time to go out and watch all the breathtaking views through your own eyes, go out and admire the beauty of the world so later you do not end up old with regrets about not living your life. After the global pandemic, Covid-19 people have realized how unexpected life is, and you should travel and explore the world before it is too late.

Furthermore, taking out time to travel helps people bond and make memories with their families. If you have kids and you are hesitant to go on trips with them because it might be difficult. Don’t hesitate! Lesley Carter is a traveler who travels with her kids along, and she has posted numerous blogs on how it is the most beautiful thing you can do for your kids and yourself. She guides people on destinations where you can take your kids and how you can manage things like your backpack and traveling equipment according to your requirements. Traveling is a great escape for the whole family, and it brings them closer. Traveling and making memories with your kids might be the most important thing to them and for you.

‘The more unrealistic we are with your dreams and goals, the more we are able to achieve.’ These are the words of Lesley Carter, who believes in dreaming big because when we dream big, we achieve bigger opportunities that help us live our best life.


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