Fight For Life Club first supported kid Valeria had a successful Meso Rex Bypass surgery

May 17 14:03 2022
Fight For Life Club Valeria the second kid to be supported had a successful surgery and her life was saved.

Getting a liver transplant is very difficult. This was something Jose Manuel Cadena discovered almost too late. In 2020, Manuel was diagnosed with liver cirrhosis due to an autoimmune syndrome and needed a liver transplant to save his life.

Manuel was listed in 2021 and had a successful surgery. The transplant was performed by master surgeons Alan Contreras and Shiro Fujita.

Manuel’s search found Dr. Manuel Rodriguez-Davalos, a liver transplant surgeon specializing in pediatric cases. He and Joshue Covarrubias initiated a program in Mexico to help children with biliary atresia, a condition that 1 in 30,000 newborns have. Sadly only a few survive due to lack of diagnosis, financial resources, and lack of healthcare experts with the proper training to perform the surgery.

Having a second chance at life filled Manuel with the desire to help as many who are not as fortunate as him. Manuel founded Fight For Life Club to achieve this dream.

After a hard and complicated fundraising campaign Fight For Life Club was able to schedule Fatima’s life-saving transplant surgery and also a Meso Rex bypass surgery for Valeria to save her liver.

The fundraising campaign success was only possible by the close collaboration of personalities like Fernanda Familiar, Paola Rojas, Joaquin Lopez-Doriga and Arya radio in Mexico. Renowned artist that included Reik, Matisse, Las Villa, Pandora, Yuri and Mane de la Parra. The World Boxing Council and its champions “Canelo” Alvarez and Tyson Fury. Fundación NOIS, Fundación Trasplante y Vida, Troop and supporters who kindly shared and donated.

Fatima and Valeria arrived to Mexico for final evaluations for the surgical procedure. After careful and thorough clinical examination, the medical team concluded not to perform the liver transplant for Fatima. Respiratory complications could potentially put in danger Fatima’s life. Medical treatment and close follow up were recommended. It wasn’t the proper time for the fight of her life.Valeria with portal hypertension diagnosis needed a complex surgery that the experienced medical team could perform. Surgery took more than 6 hours and Valeria endured the process with courage and strong positive attitude.

The result was a complete success and Fight For Life Club successfully supported and achieved the first life-saving surgery to give a second chance to live for Valeria.

Fatimas life-saving transplant surgery is going to be scheduled soon and Fight For Life Club encourages hearted and kind supporters to donate funds in order to save more lives. These kids have no option and they deserve a second chance for the Fight of their lives!

Fight For Life Club is asking for the support to raise funds needed to save these kids’ lives.

Donations can be made at the Fight For Life Club’s website:

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