KOK Lists on Global Exchange ZB.com

May 17 13:52 2022

Cryptocurrency “KOK” of the global content platform “KOK PLAY” has listed on the global exchange “ZB Dotcom.” Accordingly, from May 13, transactions on ZB Dotcom are possible with  KOK/USDT pair.

ZB Dotcom is a global cryptocurrency exchange established by ZB Group in 2013 and is known to have over 10 million users worldwide. Additionally, it is operated by issuing its own tokens. Furthermore, ZB Group is solidifying its position as a top tier player in the industry by operating various exchanges such as ZB Dotcom, BW, and XT. As of this year, KOK has listed on three global exchanges including Indodax and Gate io. In addition, it is actively expanding trading channels through additional functionalities such as  Kucoin’s margin trading as well as its wallet listing on Crypto.com.

KOK is used as a key currency for the digital content platform KOK PLAY. Its members span across the globe and provides content in various categories such as movies, webtoons, dramas, web dramas, as well as home training classes. Recently, it has started an exclusive service of KOK original webtoons and has also started producing original web dramas to strengthen its competitiveness in content platforms. An official from KOK PLAY said, “We are pushing for listing on various global exchanges to expand the scope of KOK’s use,” adding, “We will continue to list additional listings and continue to make efforts to increase KOK’s value.”

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