JASMINER X4: ETC mining bonus is still continuing

May 17 13:30 2022

2022 is still a year of frequent epidemics, but it is also a dividend period for the development of cryptocurrencies. Many people are optimistic about the investment value and hedging properties of cryptocurrencies, so they have entered the cryptocurrency market.

At present, there are more than a thousand encrypted digital currencies in the world, with different value bases and huge differences in risk. However, there is a cryptocurrency that has stood in the cryptocurrency world for a long time with its unique design mechanism and the support of many believers. In addition, the periodic price rise in the past period has made it popular in the entire encryption circle for a while, and everyone is discussing whether to invest in it. It is Ethereum Classic (ETC).

The price of Ethereum Classic rose 3.76% to $28.12 in the past 24 hours as of May 5. For now, the cryptocurrency’s all-time high is $167.09. While trading volume has dropped by 22.0% over the past week, the overall circulating supply has increased by 0.08% to over 134.58 million, making its current circulating supply an estimated 63.87% of its maximum supply, or 210.7 million. The current market value of ETC is $3.78 billion, ranking 35th.

As the only forked chain of Ethereum, ETC is irreplaceable and has broad application prospects. In the long run, the value of ETC is far more than the present. This year, Ethereum, the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency, plans to enter 2.0 with a PoS mechanism. Once the Ethereum blockchain completely shifts from POW to POS, the best place to transfer hash rate instead of Ethereum is ETC. Although the migration of Ethereum 2.0 will be completed this year, there is still a long time before that, and ETC can be expected to continue to rise during this period. So, at least in the short term, Ethereum Classic is definitely worth investing in and is expected to deliver high gains by the end of the year.

At this time, many people will ask, is the current ETC mining still a bonus period? Clearly the market reaction has responded. ETC is still in the growth stage, and more and more miners will join the mining industry chain. The current price of ETC is only the lowest price in the future market.

As the world’s leading ETC hash rate brand, JASMINER takes professional ETC high-throughput computing power servers as its flagship product, and continues to create value for global crypto users to mine ETC. From the launch of the JASMINER X4 mini in 2021, to the JASMINER X4 1U/1U-C, which established the high-efficiency, energy-saving and innovative tonality of the X4 series of computing power servers, to the JASMINER X4-Q, which was just launched last month, JASMINER has always been concerned about the needs of ETC miners, pursued the ultimate high-end high-throughput computing power products, and brought miners the best service experience.

Taking the classic ETC mining product JASMINER X4 High-throughput 1U server as an example, it is not only equipped with 8 high-throughput computing power chips independently developed by JASMINER, but also has a super mainstream configuration of up to 520MH/s±10% hash rate, also supports ETHASH and ETCHASH algorithms. While achieving strong hash rate performance, the power consumption performance of 1U products is almost perfect, and the power consumption of 1U products is as low as 240W±10%, ending the previous expensive and energy-consuming computing power operation state, and providing the best solution for the majority of users to achieve energy saving, environmental protection and cost reduction.

Every investment is afraid that there will be no investment value in the end, not to mention the highly volatile cryptocurrency. But for now, considering the market hotspots, whether it is the transfer of miners or the reduction of production, have given ETC too many opportunities. ETC has become the darling of capital and miners, and is being hyped by the market. Whether it is in the short-term or long-term range, ETC has always stood firm. For mining rig products, whether in terms of participation or practical value, JASMINER X4 High-throughput 1U server mines ETC with high hash rate and low power consumption, which makes it different from other mining rig products, so it is not difficult to understand that it has become a popular star mining rig.

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