Rise to Freedom and the 3DaySalesLetter.com ramps up efforts to help coaches, experts and training companies scale their businesses and connect to their clients virtually.

January 17 10:39 2022
Virtual Event technology is here to stay even when the pandemic subsides, and the 3 Day Sales Letter leads the charge in helping experts, coaches, consultants, and training companies scale their businesses by improving client success, client ascension, and client retention via virtual and live events.

The founders of Rise to Freedom and the creators of the 3DaySalesLetter.com have revved up efforts to help experts, coaches, and training companies leverage virtual and live Events to connect and make an impact on their clients. 

“In a world where human contact has become more and more limited, clients want more connection. That’s where the 3 Day Sales Letter comes into the picture,” says Kate McShea, an experienced coach and trainer who helps entrepreneurs build and scale their Coaching, Expert, & Training Businesses online.

Her husband and business partner, Andrew McShea, says the information, coaching, and online training space “has been exploding over the last five years”. In fact, Forbes.com reports that the Knowledge Industry will grow to $1 Billion a day by 2025. Andrew shared that “live and virtual events are proven to be the best path to increasing lifetime customer value and overall revenue and profits when building a Coaching or Expert business”. 

At a crucial time when the COVID-19 pandemic has led to less and less connection, the 3 Day Sales Letter rose to the challenge to work with Coaches, Experts, & Training Companies in leveraging virtual and live events to connect and make an impact on their clients.  

A virtual event gathers individuals hosted through a web-based setting rather than meeting in a physical scene. Virtual events usually happen over a series of days and are very interactive. They commonly seek to build as similar an experience as possible to their physical counterparts.

Kate says most coaching businesses and training companies would be happy to get 15-20% of their current clients to ascend and convert into their higher-end programs. However, by utilizing the 3 Day Sales Letter, she says the typical results are 75% or more.

“There is a process of using an event to actually make an impact on your clients, have them walk away feeling that they received incredible value, and also to then ascend those clients into your high-end and most profitable programs,” explains Kate.

As advertising costs continue to rise, Andrew urged experts, coaches, and training companies to maximize their customer lifetime value. He says, “Leveraging live and virtual events is statistically the best way to do that when utilizing the 3 Day Sales Letter process”.

Andrew & Kate are well-known figures in the industry, and they train and serve entrepreneurs, experts, coaches, consultants & training companies with how to scale their businesses to 7 & 8 Figures.

Through the years, Andrew & Kate have led teams and companies that produced over $150 Million Dollars in sales. They are business growth experts specializing in Marketing, Sales, & Building High-Performance Teams. Most recently, they have been consulting and supporting their clients using Live & Virtual Events to scale their businesses.

Those who want to learn more about 3 Day Sales Letter and begin reaping the benefits of scaling profits through virtual and live events may visit the website to get started.

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