Israeli Based Company UVii Announces Release of The 222on™ – Making It The Most Advanced Air & Surface FAR-UVC Disinfection System On The Market

January 17 10:12 2022
Israeli Based Company UVii Announces Release of The 222on™ - Making It The Most Advanced Air & Surface FAR-UVC Disinfection System On The Market
As Covid cases continue to mount globally, new technology like the 222on™ is being welcomed by small businesses, restaurants, and medical facilities needing to disinfect frequently. UVii’s 222on™ provides the highest level of health and safety in any indoor environment and is designed to meet ACGIH and IEC threshold daily limit values (TLV) for safe human exposure.

ISRAEL – Jan 17th, 2022 – UVii has made international headlines with the official announcement that they have brought to market the world’s first Smart Far-UVC disinfection system that disinfects both air and surfaces. This cutting-edge technology provides hospital-grade biosafety in any indoor environment, and is safe to be used in public. The 222nm wavelength light utilized by the 222on™ cannot pass through the top layer of the skin or the eye, so it can be used safely in public areas and is not harmful to the human body.

UVii, an Israeli-based firm, has garnered international media attention for the research and development of their innovative products that stand to make a huge impact on the future of Far-UVC disinfectant solutions. While other UVC products are available on the market, the 222on™ is the first Smart solution that can be controlled via mobile app, allowing larger companies to control an entire fleet of devices at the touch of a button. Through the mobile app, users can access a cloud-based dashboard to monitor up to 1,000 devices, and easily control disinfection routines and time settings. At a time when nearly every industry must make sure to disinfect their places of business to keep the public protected, the 222on™ could be the answer they have been waiting for.

UVii’s patented technology filters out any harmful wavelengths, allowing only safe Far-UVC light to pass through. The UVii Filter Technology allows only wavelengths between 200nm and 230nm to pass through it with peak performance at 222nm. It can be used to safely disinfect air and surfaces in hospital settings, restaurants, hotel rooms, elevators, fitness centers, public restrooms, and more. The 222on™ is an extremely cost-effective solution for any business that interacts with the public, especially those in tourism and the medical industry.

During a recent interview, the company spokesperson for UVii was quoted as saying, “We developed the 222on™ to make living everyday life safer for the public. After the Covid virus appeared, we knew something had to be done. The technology employed by this device is not only safe for our skin and eyes, but is also 99.99% effective in inactivating the Covid virus.” He went on to say, “Israel has been known for its forward thinking regarding medical solutions, and we are proud to follow in those footsteps by releasing the world’s first smart-app controlled Far-UVC disinfection system. It is a proud day for us and we know that it will make a great impact globally.”

UVii is currently offering free global shipping as part of their initial product launch campaign. To learn more about UVii or the revolutionary 222on™, visit their official website at

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