Lucy Hobbs – Author of Fiction Novel – A Love Story: “The Adventures of a Young Girl Aquila”. Is Out Now and Available on Waterstones, Amazon, Kindle, E-books & Online Bookstores Worldwide

January 07 16:58 2022
Author Lucy Hobbs, a fiction novel of a young girl called Aquila who is looking for her prince charming. The character AQUILA has challenged herself so much at the age of 21 years old.

The Adventures of a Young Girl Aquila; narrates the author of the book Lucy Hobbs, an adventurous journey from the Philippines to England.

Lucy Hobbs, is also a businesswoman in her own right. After leaving her job as a trainee nurse and in politics in the Philippines, she got married and settled in the UK for 21 years. She is now the owner of an award-winning Hair & Beauty salon in East Anglia Suffolk. 

Hobbs, has just published her new book titled The Adventures of a Young Girl Aquila. Through this book, she shares her journey with humour. A quote from her book goes with “one day” I will find my prince charming.

Her humorous writing style, funny character, & business has made her a favorite with the local community in Lowestoft. The book has a lot of turns and twists and it is easy to read without losing the plot, making it very interesting for the readers. 

A quote from her novel sums it up: “One day, I will find my Prince Charming!” she says, out loud, to her reflection.

The author Lucy Hobbs, also is an excellent cook. However, she became a widow recently and her cooking skills have been slowly fading away . The author remains in the town with her pet Chihuahua and Yorkie Poodle. Exercising along the seafront is her key to a healthy life, and all her clients keep her going. Without her beloved husband, it keeps her motivated to get up in the morning with purpose.

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About Lucy Hobbs Author

Lucy Hobbs, was a trainee nurse and counsillor way back in the Philippines in her 20’s she left the job and immigrated to Suffolk England to marry the love of her life Derek. She is now the owner of an award-winning hair & beauty salon in Lowestoft. She came out with her fiction love story novel titled; ’’The Adventures of a Young Girl Aquila’’. Available online store. Watch out for Lucy Hobbs next 1-3 crime novel series which will soon be released in no time.

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