Overcoming years of abuse, bestselling author Falguni Yogi now helps others

January 06 14:54 2022
Don’t waste time, she tells clients. Paths open up when you take that first step.

Falguni Yogi spent years in an extremely abusive marriage, returning to her husband in the belief that if she left him, he would lose everything. It was up to her, she thought, to save him. For women who are stuck in the same pattern, Falguni has a message: “Don’t waste your time. Sometimes we think that we can help that person, but it never happens. They don’t think that there is anything wrong with them, so they don’t want any help. We women are natural caretakers, so we want to take care of our family. But if the situation is getting out of control, get out. Have faith in yourself and in God. Paths open up when we take a step.”

A native of India, Falguni had to deal with leaving her abusive marriage in a country not her own with no family to rely on. At the same time she was grieving the death of her father. After staying in a shelter, she was able to move in with family friends in a new city, Dallas, but she was on her own to figure out how to survive.

An accountant by training in India, Falguni thought she would find a job in accounting or in IT—a job where she would earn a significant salary and be able to care for herself. Then an appointment with an astrologer changed everything. In the US, Falguni says, when people have problems or issues they contact therapists or coaches. In her native India, people contact astrologers. The astrologer she met with told her she should not be in accounting or IT. “Your hands have healing power,” he said. “You should go into a healing business.” It was not what Falguni wanted to hear! But she trusted him, and her career as an energy healer was born.

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