CPO Management Inc. President Vadym Koyen Offers Perspective on the Risks of Corruption, Board Governance and HR in the Digital Age

January 06 13:27 2022
CPO Management Inc. President, Vadym Koyen has become a trusted source offering perspective on the changing focus of property management for the Association on Condominium Managers (AMCO) of Ontario and Real Estate Management Industry News (REMI). His contributions explore the challenges of overcoming the risks of corruption for inexperienced boards, the influence of board governance on condo communities, and the HR risks property management companies face if they ignore digital transformation.

Mr. Koyen’s decade of experience running CPO Management Inc, a leading GTA property management company provides valuable insights to leading industry publications. He explains how property management companies can assist and educate board members on capital improvement best practices. However, they also play a crucial role in educating boards on the dangers of corruption. Because the learning curve is steep, when dealing with board members who are either inexperienced or corrupt, property management companies need to drive accountability, steering boards away from unethical conduct they may either knowingly or unknowingly commit. In his AMCO article, “How to Use Education to Reduce Conflict of Interest Risk” Mr. Koyen explains how property management companies can use education to ensure condo boards always use above board practices.

As well, condo communities are often at the mercy of their board because they govern regulations and policies. However, it is the property management companies who carry out the orders. If the board and property management company fail to manage the property effectively, they negatively impact the community’s value, amenities, social aspects, and the residents’ lifestyle. Mr. Koyen provides governance and management strategies that positively impact the lifestyles of residents and unit owners in his AMCO article, “The Impact of Governance and Management on Condominium Lifestyle.” The article offers a manager’s perspective on how a united relationship between boards and property management teams help create a positive condo community.

In his REMI article, “HR Digital Transformation: The New Risks Property Management Companies Face Now” Mr. Koyen explains the importance of HR departments improving their response mechanisms. Digital transformation helps improve asset and operation management strategies with tools HR departments need to avoid risks posed by the new endemic. This includes staffing deficits, employee churn and poor staff training. The article explains how failure to embrace digital transformation interferes with responsiveness and adaptability. Through digitalization, property management companies can overcome the pandemic’s short-term impact on operations allowing them to focus on the management strategies to survive the transition to endemic.

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