The hottest new magazine The Avatar Tribune is out now waking people up all over the world

October 18 13:34 2021
“In the current challenging state of the world, where lies are openly sold as facts, The Avatar Tribune is a life changer,” LotusOcean Australia says.

The magazine is a monthly compilation entirely dedicated to the life and pastimes of Prashant Trivedi aka PT, a recognized expert on Vedic science. PT has brought a lot of clarity on the true purpose of existence by sharing his knowledge in a book called “P’s giTa – ScriPTures for the Now”. Through his words, PT makes clear the way one can live in connection with Nature and Divine. In these uncertain times, where it is hard to know what is what, P’s teachings can help one understand how to change their lives for the better. 

The Avatar Tribune brings awareness to PT’s teachings on important matters such as connecting to nature, proper diet, bodily discipline and also the way beings should behave towards one another. The variety and depth of the content is stimulating as well as relevant. From music, vedic astrology, crop circles, to talks on spirituality and so much more, the Avatar Tribune offers brilliant insights into this human existence. 

Many have already seen their lives improved because of PT’s influence. His approach is fresh, exciting and sensible.

The Avatar Tribune is a great introductory portal into understanding what human life is about and what it means to deal with it properly. The magazine comes in three formats – digital, print and video. 

The Avatar Tribune Video Magazine Trailer

The Avatar Tribune Website

About Lotus Ocean Australia 

Lotus Ocean Australia is a subsidiary of Lotus Ocean based in London, Uk. Lotus Ocean is an internationally renowned vedic and meditation teaching program and currently conducts classes in UK, Australia, Poland, India, Nepal, France, Albania, USA, Norway, Sweden, Greece and Italy. Founded in 2006 Lotus Ocean has been conducting hundreds of conferences and talks on Vedic science through numerous online portals, radio, television and at spiritual festivals in Europe, India and USA. In 2020 Lotus Ocean teachings were broadcast on Nepal National TV, Hathway Channel 125 in Mumbai and Shraddha (an all-India Vedic channel). 

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