The Design Database: An online support community for Creatives

October 09 08:03 2021

The creative economy is an ecosystem of professionals working in creative occupations, both within and outside the creative industry. According to a Deloitte report, the creative economy is rapidly growing and is forecasted to be a vital factor that will shape economic growth across the globe. Therefore, it is surprising that professionals within this industry often face exploitation and are undervalued by employers. Moreover, being a highly competitive industry, professionals often put up with these working conditions to avoid losing a job opportunity.

Fortunately, The Design Database emerges as an ideal solution and a support system for specialists in creative occupations. The online membership-based platform strives to create a global community for creative minds to connect with one another and increase the scope for collaborations. Additionally, it also links them with clients or companies wanting to hire professionals in the field. With its user-friendly interface, The Design Database simplifies communication between clients and freelance Creatives. Most importantly, the platform aims to build a community where Creatives can build confidence in their craft and feel valued.

In an effort to save on valuable time and money and accelerate the hiring process, the platform works as a marketplace for businesses and creative professionals to meet. Companies can easily reach out to the concerned Creative that fits the role they want to fill. Likewise, Creatives can link up with recruiters and managers to discuss possible opportunities and available positions in the company. It further streamlines recruitment by enabling Creatives to quickly secure jobs and begin work on the projects much faster. Through a partnership, The Design Database also offers clients a video-calling on-demand feature that allows them to receive quick advice from experts. Most importantly, the platform endeavors to bridge the gap between freelance Creatives looking for clients and clients seeking Creatives.

Launched in July 2021, the platform’s priority remains its network of Creatives and their welfare. In such a short period, The Design Database established itself as more than just a space for freelancers for hire, but rather a support system for Creatives. Courtlyn Jones founded The Design Database intending to provide Creatives with an environment that would nurture their growth and help them cultivate connections. As an experienced creative professional, she understood how clients undervalued creative jobs as less important, and she wanted to change this. Courtlyn wants this platform to become a global support network for Creatives, and the response so far proves that she’s on the right path.

“Someone once told me I have a gift for bringing people together, so I used that to design my company. When Creatives come together, true magic happens.” – Courtlyn Jones, CEO and Founder, The Design Database.

The Design Database is essentially a marketplace for Creatives to showcase their work and secure opportunities with companies. It has partnered with the #WeLoveYouCampaign drop shop to allow Creatives to print their artwork onto physical items, set up their online shops, and ship their products to customers. Creatives can also choose to bid for a role, giving them more agency to decide their fees. Moreover, connecting with other Creatives on the platform promotes various kinds of collaborative partnerships between them. It also allows new freelancers an opportunity to connect with experienced professionals for mentorship and guidance. Similarly, experienced Creatives who require support on projects can employ beginners. The Design Database is truly an engaging and supportive community that empowers Creatives to work on their own terms.

The idea of The Design Database is to create an ecosystem where creatives can thrive. The platform encourages Creatives to interact with other professionals and clients and build a network that helps them succeed in a highly competitive and relentless industry. Moreover, it is a membership-based platform that does not charge Creatives any commission on the job opportunities acquired. 

The Design Database recently started a Kickstarter campaign, and it can be backed here. You can follow them on Instagram for quick updates on their work.

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