B-TEK Scales Announcing TruDigital with Nexia Online Live Scale Monitoring

September 18 04:03 2021
B-TEK Scales Announcing TruDigital with Nexia Online Live Scale Monitoring
How This New Digital Technology Increases Weighing Profitability

One of the biggest drains on business profitability in any industry is downtime.

That’s why nowadays so many companies have their IT staff on call 24 hours a day. Business owners know that every minute their technology is offline represents money going out the door.

Although the truck scale industry isn’t known for its speed in adopting new technology, one company is leading the way of the new digital era in which we live.

With 90+ years of experience, B-TEK SCALES, LLC from Canton, Ohio shows how advanced digital technology can be applied to the trucking industry where time is literally money to many business owners.

Profitability is connected to maximizing the uptime for truck scales by minimizing their downtime. 

This happens thanks to TruDigital™ which includes B-TEK’s patented digital load cell and indicator technology. 

It collects collects and transmits important data such as temperature, voltage, and inclination with accuracy that is twice as precise as analog truck scales all within less than a hundredth of a second.

Part of the genius behind it is B-TEK Nexia™ live monitoring. Through Nexia, 54 points of data are collected,  analyzed and organized into reports that show trends and scale performance.  

Since it’s connected the internet, the B-TEK Nexia™ portal can be accessed from anywhere allowing technicians to get insight into the scale’s performance and troubleshoot remotely. 

The alert system also acts as a 24 hour safeguard that notifies technicians instantly in the event of an outage and also allowing them to arrive fully prepared on-site because they already have insight into what’s going on with the scale.

All of these factors combine to reduce costs in time, effort, and frustration in addition to the superior speed and data collection functionality now available to truck scales.

For all these reasons and more, B-TEK encourages everyone to consider the Centurion truck scale that includes TruDigital with all the benefits.

To learn more about how B-TEK’s truck scales make business more profitable, visit the B-TEK website for more information.

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