Ingenes, LATAM’s leading Assisted Reproduction Institute is now in the USA

August 05 15:15 2021
Ingenes offers a quality service guaranteeing lower costs

Assisted Reproduction treatments have become the main alternative to have a baby, not only for couples with a fertility situation, but also for female couples and even women who do not have a partner.

Cutting edge technology and the great advance of science have allowed the birth of thousands of babies around the world, currently specialized clinics and institutions in the field of Human Reproduction have made it possible for many people to become parents, however, these treatments are overpriced.

Ingenes is the Assisted Reproduction Institute leader in Latin America, thanks to the fact that it has the highest rate of success cases, more than 50,000 babies born, and it recently arrived in the United States, to show itself not as another option within the American market but as the best alternative to offer this type of treatments in the country, as it guarantees quality with more accessible prices. 

About Ingenes

The institute has more than 15 years of experience, it is certified by The International Committee for Monitoring Assisted Reproduction Technologies (ICMART) and accredited by the LARA Network. 

A multidisciplinary team of specialists in Human Reproduction, such as biologists, embryologists, andrologists, nurses, etc., is in charge of carrying out the necessary studies to analyze each case and choose the Assisted Reproduction treatment for each patient from the first appointment, and also the main objective is to conceive a baby in the least number of attempts, and prevent couples and women from going through emotional wear. Here are some details about the specialist team. 

In addition to the different Ingenes’ branches in Mexico, it recently opened doors in San Diego (California) and McAllen (Texas), to become an excellent quality option and affordable at the same time in Assisted Reproduction treatments in the USA.

An ace under the sleeve

Assisted Reproduction treatments generally require a significant economic investment, especially those of high complexity, such as In Vitro Fertilization, therefore, the programs offered by the institute give the option of reducing costs because its laboratories in Mexico are used as part of the process, meaning, patients begin the treatments in the States and a part of it is carried out in Mexico, thanks to the fact that its facilities have the highest quality standards, besides the use of NASA technology to give the best care to patients. 

An important key

Multicycle In Vitro Fertilization programs increase the chances of having a baby, performing embryo transfers from 1 to 4 cycles. Something more economically viable, and the institute implements this to guarantee a good result and also to avoid or reduce emotional and economic wear to have a baby. 

About new plans

Ingenes plans to open more branches in the United States this year to bring Assisted Reproduction treatments to different cities and achieve that many people can have a baby. More information about Ingenes branches can be found here

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