What is the main advantage of high efficiency motors?

November 24 17:34 2020

The integration and reorganization of coal, mining, equipment manufacturing and other industries will further promote the demand and development of medium-sized motor products.The further implementation of the national policy of energy conservation and emission reduction puts forward new and higher requirements for the energy conservation of the motor system.From the simple pursuit of high efficiency of the motor is changing to the high efficiency of the system operation, and eventually promote the further segmentation of the motor product market, promote the development of special, special products and complete systems.This not only puts forward higher requirements for the design and production of small and medium-sized motors, but also provides a wider product application space, economic profit space and industry development space.In the next five years, the government will use financial subsidies to promote small and medium-sized energy-saving and high-efficiency motors and other products.It is expected that in the next five years, the output of small and medium-sized energy-saving and high-efficiency motors will increase explosively, with an average annual growth rate of 58.07%.

The small and medium-sized energy-saving motor market scale base, resulting in the market scale growth rate is much higher than the small and medium-sized motor scale growth rate, and will maintain this high growth trend for a long time.After the explosive growth in 2019, the market size of small and medium-sized energy-saving and high-efficiency motors is still developing at a high speed, but the growth rate is beginning to stabilize.

As an industrial power, motor products are highly dependent on the national development speed and industrial policies. Therefore, how to seize the market opportunity, timely adjust the product structure, develop marketable products, select differentiated energy-saving motor products, and closely follow the national industrial policies is the key.From a global perspective, the motor industry is developing towards high efficiency and energy conservation with huge development potential.Each developed country has formulated the energy efficiency standard of electric motor successively.Developed countries such as Europe and the United States have been constantly improving the access standards for motor energy efficiency, and they have basically all used high-efficiency energy-saving motors, and some regions have begun to use ultra-high-efficiency energy-saving motors.

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