UK Website Builder, Zapp Sites, Offers Customizable Templates For Web Design At Affordable Rates With Free Initial Domain Registration And Hosting

August 28 18:24 2020
UK Website Builder, Zapp Sites, Offers Customizable Templates For Web Design At Affordable Rates With Free Initial Domain Registration And Hosting
Zapp Sites is a one-stop-shop for growing businesses that need great websites to make an impression and do better than their competitors. Clients can choose from a range of excellent SEO-friendly templates best-suited for their niche and benefit from proven digital marketing support.

According to announcements released by Zapp Sites, its newly launched web design platform offers a fully-customisable template website. Zapp provides everything that a growing business needs to establish an online presence quickly. It is easy to use, and companies can have a website up and running following a simple three-step process. 

The first step is to select a package that is best suited for their needs. Customers can choose to pay upfront, or split the cost of their package in monthly installments. Currently, Zapp Sites is running a promotion under which domain registration is free for the first year, and free hosting is provided for the first six months. 

Customers, for example, restaurant owners, fashion designers, local businesses, grocery stores, etc. can select the best template for their business and, if required, get the templates customised. The website builder at Zapp Sites provides customers with the freehand to set up their website and supplies them a beneficial range of free and premium add-ons, such as booking forms and local SEO integration. Businesses can avail these feature-laden add-ons, offering a superior experience to their visitors, making Zapp the preferred website builder by many.

Zapp Sites is a UK-based web design company that is well aware of the issues and bottlenecks that businesses face when setting up a website. It uses its experience of having worked with clients from different sectors to prevent those issues and presents creative solutions that are implemented by its team of skilled designers and coders. With Zapp, customers pay only for what they need and use. The flexibility offered through the different packages and accompanying add-ons provides excellent value for the money customers invest in a website through Zapp Sites. 

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Zapp Sites said, “Zapp makes brilliant websites for growing businesses. Our straightforward packages give you a glittering, headache-free web presence in just a few days. Zapp Sites is a self-service platform where you can order your template-based websites and get them customised in a matter of days. Unlike other DIY platforms, we will make the changes for you, letting you focus on your business.

“Our range of design, SEO, copywriting, and other marketing packages enables businesses to build an effective platform to showcase their services. Our unique service offers our clients convenience and a stress-free journey from beginning the web design process to launching your site.”

On the many benefits of hiring this company, Zapp Sites said, “Zapp offers ‘enhanced DIY.’ Select from templates or have us build you something new. We’ll tailor the design and code the pages to your exact specifications – then register your domain and host the site. You’ll be up-and-running in a matter of days. With our expert help, you can easily manage a lightweight, mobile responsive web presence that’s personalised and hand-coded to your specific needs. With our pre-built templates and the latest coding languages, we’ll have a brilliant website running in a matter of days.

“We don’t do contracts. Once the site is complete, you can stay with Zapp or move to another hosting provider. We also include a 3-month warranty against bugs and performance issues.”

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